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Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 10 - October 27, 1994

Bill Hyde, chairman of the forestry department, was an invited participant at an international conference on the "Economics of Sustainable Development in Manila," in the Philippines, this summer. He delivered a paper on sustainability forestry and chaired the sessions on natural resources. President Fidel Ramos of the Philippines hosted the conference with the support of the United Nations (UN) Development Program. This was the first public activity of the new UN Council on Sustainable Development. Forty economists, other social scientists, and international policy makers attended from Asia, Europe, and North America.

Hyde, in a separate Southeast Asia visit to Nepal and Thailand, gave lectures from his work with Greg Amacher, assistant professor of forestry, and two Nepali colleagues at the U.S. ambassador's residence, as well as at the Forest Ministry and the Institute of Forestry. The three lectures focused on the household production and consumption of forest products. In Bangkok, Hyde met with UN officials and Thammasat University faculty to discuss prospective work on forest-policy analysis in various developing countries.

Robert H. Giles, professor in the fisheries and wildlife sciences department, has had a book published, "Yesheng Dongzhiwudeguanli," or "Wildlife Management." The 347- page book was published in Beijing, China, and is in Chinese. It is only the second book on this topic ever published in Chinese. The translation was begun years ago by Lu Guoquon but the major final work was by Xu Hongfa, director of the International Center for Conservation Biology. Xu was a guest of the College of Forestry and Wildlife Resources last summer.

John F. Hosner, the former director of the School of Forestry and Wildlife Resources, has been appointed by Gov. George Allen to a four- year term on the State Board of Forestry. Hosner directed the School of Forestry for 30 years and was instrumental in establishing it as a separate college. The board, established in 1986, advises the governor on the state of forests resources and encourages programs to improve forest protection and management.

Audrey G. Zink, assistant professor in the department of wood science and forest products, has received the $5,000 Junior Faculty Enhancement Award from Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU).

The university can only forward two nominations each year onto ORAU, which makes the highly competitive selection. Zink will use the award to help support her research in field-evaluation techniques of wood connections.

In September, George Terrell of the statistics department presented a colloquium titled "Computing Multivariate Probabilities by Parseval Quadrature" to the statistics department at Rice University, where he is working while on leave for the current academic year.

Several members of the political science department participated in the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association in New York this September.

Timothy W. Luke chaired a panel on "Biosphere Management: The Politics of Changing the World," on which he presented a paper titled "Sustaining the Earth or Managing the Economy: The Conditions of Sustainable Development." Luke also presented a paper titled "The Political Theory of Artifacts: Reading Idologies in Commodities."

Stephen K. White chaired a panel on Ontology and Political Reflection on which he presented a paper titled "The Ontological Imperative in Political Theory." Karen M. Hult presented a paper titled "Feminist Theories and Public Organizations: The Promise of Diverse Structural Forms." Ilja A. Luciak presented a paper titled "Reconciliation in El Salvador and Nicaragua: A Comparative Study." Rebecca H. Davis presented a paper titled "Party Competition and the Recruitment of Women." Wayne D. Moore presented a paper titled "Popular Construction of Constitutional Authority and Meaning." Charles Walcott served as discussant on a panel on "Innovations with Experiential Education: Breaking Loose from the Lecture Format."

Michael Bliss, instructor of English, has published his fourth book, Doing It Right, an edited volume of essays on Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch. He edited the book and wrote the preface and introduction, as well as one chapter of the book.

Sam Riley of the Communication Studies Department hosted the annual National Convention of the American Journalism Historian Association recently.

The following faculty members, students, and post- doctoral fellows in chemistry made presentations or were co- authors of presentations given at the Southeast Regional Meetings of the American Chemical Society: James Tanko, Yonghui Wang, Mitra Sadeghipour, Janice Paige Phillips, Tomas Hudlicky, Thomas Nugent, William Griffith, Sherita McLamore, Bryan McKibben, George Barnosky, Kevin Pitzer, Xinrong Tian, Kurt Konigsberger, Travis C. Dudding, Stephen P. Fearnley, Horatio F. Olivo, Denise Parker, Gregory M. Whited, J. Corey Downie, Brian Hanson, H. Ding, and David Kingston.

William Snizek, alumni distinguished professor of sociology, has been asked to guest edit a special issue of the journal The American Sociologist. The issue, to be published in August, is titled "The State of Sociology: Worldwide." Snizek has recruited leading scholars from the following countries to write essays on the state of the profession and the discipline in their countries: Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, and France.

The International Sociological Association elected Patricia K. Edwards, dean of the college of Architecture and Urban Studies, to the executive council as a U.S. representative and as secretary for the research committee for Housing and the Built Environment.

Charles T. Goodsell, professor in the Center for Administration and Policy within the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, was recently elected to the National Academy of Public Administration.

Steven E. Markham, professor of management, was an invited guest and participant at the Scanlon Plan Associates' September 1994 Explorer's Conference. This conference, sponsored by SPA in conjunction with Herman Miller Inc. and Donnelley Mirrors, is offered to Fortune 500 companies to examine the innovative worker-participation plans that have resulted in these two companies consistently being named to Fortune's 10 Most Admired Companies List.

Dozens of veterinary students and faculty members were presented with academic scholarship and teaching awards during the Virginia- Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine's recent Eleventh Annual Awards Program at Virginia Tech.

Larry Freeman of the Department of Pathobiology and Biomedical Sciences was presented with the Norden Distinguished Teaching Award, a prestigious national honor sponsored by Norden Laboratories which recognizes a faculty member who has displayed outstanding teaching ability, leadership, and high moral character.

Dru Forrester of the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences was presented a Certificate of Teaching Excellence from Virginia Tech's Academy of Teaching Excellence.

Spencer Johnston of the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences and Beverly Purswell of the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences were co- presented the Class of 1995 Teacher of the Year Award.

Terry Swecker of the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences was presented the Class of 1996 Teacher of the Year Award, and Bradley Klein of the Department of Pathobiology and Biomedical Sciences was named Class of 1997 Teacher of the Year.

Jean Lucas Daniels, a doctoral student in marriage and family therapy, and professor Rosemary Blieszner of family and child development, presented a poster on "Attributions About Friendship Among Older Adults" at the recent 102nd Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association in Los Angeles. Blieszner is chair of the Education Committee of APA's Division 20 (Adult Development and Aging) and the Division 20 liaison to the APA's Urban Initiatives Task Force.

James Bishop, a graduate student in management in the Pamplin College of Business, had two papers accepted at the Doctoral Student Organizational Studies Conference. The papers, "The Effect of the Fit between Corporate Strategy and Management Training Objectives on Commitment and Performance" and "Up Maslow's Pyramid and Down the Road to Productivity: Carnegie, Taylor, and Scanlon," were presented at the conference in Albany earlier this month.

Rosemary Blieszner, a professor in the Department of Family and Child Development, presented a symposium paper on older adult friendship and served as discussant for a symposium on self and relationships at the 13th Biennial Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development in Amsterdam. She also went to Groningen, The Netherlands, where she chaired the scientific program of the 7th International Conference on Personal Relationships.

President Paul Torgersen appointed Blieszner as the College of Human Resources representative to the Advisory Council on Strategic Budgeting and Planning. Blieszner was elected to a one-year term as chair of the Nominating Committee for the Research and Theory Section of the National Council on Family Relations. She was also elected to a two-year term as member- at- large on the Executive Committee of the Behavioral and Social Sciences Section of the Gerontological Society of America.

Ken McCleary, a professor of hospitality and tourism management in the College of Human Resources, was selected as the Faculty Member of the Year for Metro Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education, which is made up of educators from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Several Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management graduate students presented papers or poster sessions at the international annual meeting of the Council on Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Education in Palm Springs, Calif.

Mary Gustin, Tammie Kaufman, Gyril Horn, and professor Pamela Weaver presented their paper, "An Exploratory Study Regarding Environmental Oriented Lodging Services."

Graduate student Henry Oh and professors Muzzo Uysal and Weaver presented the paper "An Empirical Study on the Push and Pull Motivations for International Pleasure Travel."

Weaver and graduate student Vip Bosereewong presented the poster session "A Canonical Correlation Analysis: The relationship of Hotel and Chain Loyalty with Demographic and Trip Related Variables."

Professor Pamela Weaver of hospitality and tourism management received the 1994 John Wiley & Sons Award from the Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education at its annual meeting in Palm Springs. The award is given as a tribute to one who has "demonstrated high standards in the systematic and objective analysis of data that has led to the development of principles or theories resulting in a significant contribution to the body of knowledge" and has demonstrated leadership in a specialized field of study. Weaver was also part of a five- person panel that discussed and responded to audience questions on "Publication Hints and Tips." In her role as chair of the paper review committee, Weaver also presented a seminar on "Paper Review Process Discussion: Questions and Answers."

Zhming Zhang, an assistant professor in the Department of Clothing and Textiles, attended the First China International Wool Textile Conference held in Xi'an, China. His presentation was "China's wool product exports to the United States." While in China, Zhang also talked to officials of Northwest Institute of Textile Science and Technology in China and China Textile University about possible cooperation in research and student exchange programs.

Zhang also attended the 12th Textile Conference of Ars Textrina at Ellensburg, Wash., which focused primarily on the art of textiles. His presentation, "Differences in clothing expenditures between black and white households," was the only one on economics. It was co- authored with Lillian Holloman, assistant professor of clothing and textiles, and former Virginia Tech faculty member Richard Ellis.

Doris H. Kincade, assistant professor in the Department of Clothing and Textiles (CT), and Cindy Regan, a CT doctoral student, presented a paper at the fourth annual International Fexible Automation and Integrated Manufacturing Conference. The presentation was based on Kincade's research of Quick Response. Their presentation, "The Use of Technology by Apparel Manufacturers," focused on the new technologies being used to improve the competitive positions of apparel manufacturers. Kincade and Regan were the only apparel researchers at the international conference.

The Virginia Tech Department of Clothing and Textiles was well represented at the "Wearable Art '94" juried show at the Cuneo Museum and Gardens in Libertyville, Ill. Among the designs accepted were associate professor Joann Boles and Ph.D. candidate Karen Watson's "Raincolor"; Boles and assistant professor Valerie Giddings' "Kente- Caitlyn"; Boles and laboratory specialist Peggy Quesenberry's "Hillary II"; Boles and assistant professor Lillian Holloman's "Celebration Union"; Boles, Giddings, and University of Wisconsin interior design faculty member Joy Blake's "Kente- Caitlyn Bride."

Several faculty members from exercise science in the Department of Human Nutrition and Foods made presentations at the ninth annual meeting of American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) in Portland, Ore.

William G. Herbert presented a session on "Overview: Concepts, Computers and Treatment Outcomes."

Douglas R. Southard presented sessions on "Update on Certification for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Professionals"; "Dealing with Anger and Hostility"; and "Examples of Patient Tracking Systems: Applications Software."

"The Exercise Standards and Malpractice Reporter," October/November issue, published "The Outcomes Movement in Health Care: Causes and Consequences for Cardiac Rehabilitation" by Herbert and "Assessing Outcomes: Psychological Functioning, Risk Factor Modification and Quality of Life" by Southard. Herbert and Southard were also contributing editors for the second edition of Guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs published by the AACVPR.

Wing Ng, professor of mechanical engineering, was an invited speaker at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Public Affairs Leadership Conference in Seattle, Wash. Ng discussed his recent testimony before the U.S. Congress concerning the government's hypersonic flight program.

Karen A. Cronin, senior producer in the Visual Communications unit of University Relations, has been recognized by the Agricultural Communicators in Education (ACE) with three awards, including the organization's national Outstanding Professional Skill Award for 1994.

Cronin's entry in the regular radio category drew the top Gold Award, while an entry in the radio news program category received the Silver Award. Winning the gold placed her in competition for the best of the best in the ACE radio awards. Cronin, who also won the Outstanding Professional Skill Award in 1992, was presented with her awards at the national ACE meeting in Moscow, Idaho.