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Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 11 - November 3, 1994


ANIMAL CARE TECHNICIAN B (2872D) Veterinary Teaching Hospital Normal Starting Pay $ 15,357 (Grade 5)

Provides technical support to the clinical faculty and fourth year veterinary students in the medical and surgical sections of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Working knowledge of basic companion and large animal anatomy and physiology as a result of coursework or experience. Ability to understand instructions; ability to handle and restrain large animals; knowledge of surgical suite, central sterile supply instrumentation, and sterile techniques; good communications skills; ability to stand for long periods of time and move and handle items up to 75 lbs. Must be able to tolerate rabies prophylaxis. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Experience in veterinary care of large and small animals; experience in hospital central surgical supply and linen management; operating room experience; experience in special diagnostic procedures. Certification as licensed veterinary technician in Virginia is highly desirable. TWO FULL-TIME POSITIONS. Previously advertised, it is not necessary to reapply to be considered. Application deadline: Nov. 11.

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, CASH OPERATIONS (Food Operations Director B) (1745R) Culinary Services Normal Starting Pay: $31,322-$47,823 (Grade 13)

Complete management responsibilities for cash food sales units with a sales volume of $4,450,000 per annum. Responsible for human-resource management and for reviewing, monitoring, interpreting, analyzing, evaluating, and comparing data to improve and control food and labor cost and other budget items. Evaluates Nationally Branded Concepts as to availability and appropriateness. Follows through on the licensing to include contracting, building, and operating. Monitors departmental compliance with Nationally Branded Concepts' methods and standards of quality. Identifies customer trends and designs market strategies. Proposes new or expanding product lines. Creates, designs, and writes menus and pricing structure. Directs planning, production, staffing, and presentation of all catered events. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Comprehensive knowledge of the management principles for operating cash food operations, catering, vending, restaurants, and concessions. Extensive experience in retail commercial foodservice with demonstrated progressive advancement. Moderate experience in catering, foodservice, and commercial restaurant or fast food/quick service or any combination of work in these areas. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Experience in licensing, building, and operating Nationally Branded Concepts in an educational environment or similar situation; knowledge of the aspects of marketing, advertising, and promotions; experience with CSI (Concept Systems Inc. inventory management system) and Validine software programs or comparable systems. FULL-TIME POSITION. Previously advertised with slightly different qualifications, it is not necessary to reapply to be considered. Application deadline: Nov. 11.

FOOD OPERATIONS MANAGER A (Assistant Manager) (478R) Culinary Services Normal Starting Pay: $20,062 (Grade 8)

Responsible for all catering and conference events. Makes contact with clients concerning food-function needs. Identifies type of catered event (buffet style, full service, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee break, etc.). Arranges and coordinates special functions, develops menus, determines prices, determines head count and billing per event, bills charges, maintains records and client relations. Organizes and develops marketing and promotional programs. Coordinates with operations assistant manager to ensure the product and labor is delivered, set-up, and served to meet customer expectations. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge of food production, service methods, food-service system, banquets, and catering; supervisory experience in food service; ability to communicate effectively; ability to follow instructions, to give attention to details, and to work well with others. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Catering management experience. FULL-TIME POSITION. Hours vary to include nights and weekends. Application deadline: Nov. 4.

HOUSEKEEPING WORKER (1631R) Donaldson Brown Hotel Normal Starting Pay: $10,753 (Grade 1) Performs general housekeeping duties. Removes soiled bed and bath linen from guest rooms and replaces with fresh, clean linens; inspects and turns mattresses; picks up paper from floors, removes and empties trash; cleans mirrors, doors, etc.; dusts furniture, lighting fixtures, window sills, venetian blinds, and baseboards; vacuums; scrubs basins, tubs, showers, toilets, and other fixtures; reports to supervisor. May be assigned to clean offices and public areas as well. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Cleaning experience; ability to safely move and handle 25 lbs. independently, to reach and stoop, to follow instructions, and to work effectively under time limits or deadlines. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Hotel/motel cleaning experience. FULL-TIME POSITION. Application deadline: Nov. 4.

OFFICE SERVICES SPECIALIST (4570R) Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences Normal Starting Pay: $7,678 (Grade 5)

Perform routine office duties to include typing letters, reports, and manuscripts; operating duplicating machine; filing; answering the telephone. Summarize raw data and conduct routine statistical analyses utilizing Agrobase/4, SAS, or other specialized software; produce report-ready tables. Enter and proofread data using spreadsheet and/or database programs such as Lotus 1-2-3, Reflex, or Symphony; keep computer data files organized. Order supplies and assist in keeping records for several research projects. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A valid typing test score must be on file to be considered for an interview. Experience with word processing; computer experience; organizational skills; ability to work accurately with detail. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: A typing score of 45 wpm with high accuracy; work experience with WordPerfect, spreadsheet, and database programs. PART-TIME POSITION. Will work 20 hrs. each week. Position is renewed yearly. Application deadline: Nov. 4.

PAINTER LEAD (1565P) Physical Plant Normal Starting Pay: $18,352 (Grade 7)

Performs all duties associated with painting and surface finishing in interior and exterior settings. Specific tasks include selecting, mixing, and applying paints and other surface finishes with brushes, rollers, and airless spray guns. Associated tasks such as surface preparation and cleanup are included. Inspects the work of contract painters when applicable. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Journeyman-level experience in all facets of interior and exterior painting craft. Ability to monitor and direct the work of others; to work from scaffolding and ladders; to independently move and handle up to 50 lbs.; to work in inclement weather conditions. Must have or be able to obtain a valid driver's license and a good driving record. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Supervisory experience; experience painting in a renovation environment. FULL-TIME POSITION. Application deadline: Nov. 4.

PLUMBER STEAMFITTER (709P) Physical Plant Normal Starting Pay: $18,352 (Grade 7)

Install, maintain, and repair steam, hot water, and condensate lines, valves, traps, expansion joints, on all campus steam distribution systems using all tools of the trade. Install, maintain, and repair campus sanitary and storm-sewer systems, domestic water and fire-protection system lines, hydrants, and valves, and campus chilled-water piping system. Operate high-pressure sewer cleaning equipment and motor vehicle. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Experience at the journeyman level in general plumbing and steamfitting. Working knowledge of tools of the trade such as hand tools, pipe-threading machines, torches, drills, rotary hammers, sewer cleaners. Ability to climb and work from elevated work stations such as ladders and scaffolds. Ability to move and handle 60 lbs. and to work in confined spaces at elevated temperatures. Ability and willingness to safely use respirator equipment, a valid driver's license, and a good driving record. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Previous experience in commercial or institutional plumbing. FULL-TIME POSITION. Work schedule: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.; overtime may be necessary due to emergencies and breakdowns. Subject to 24-hour call-in on a rotating basis. A pre-employment medical examination will be required for the selected candidate. Application deadline: Nov. 4.

POLICE OFFICER (62P) Police Department Normal Starting Pay: $20,062 (Grade 8)

Enforcement of state laws on university property--working a rotating shift which includes weekends, nights, and holidays. Duties include frequent public contact, working in inclement weather; investigation of motor-vehicle accidents, personal injuries, criminal matters; enforcement of traffic and parking regulations and university policies. Additional duties involve preparation of reports, courtroom testimony, traffic direction, crowd control and response to emergency situations, extended foot patrols, comprehension of legal documents. Responsible for reporting to duty in adverse weather conditions. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Law-enforcement background; experience with report writing; ability to communicate effectively and maintain professional relationships with people of various backgrounds both orally and in writing; applicable public-contact experience involving public relations, counseling, public assistance, etc., where tact, effective communication, and problem-solving skills were used. Ability to exercise sound, independent judgment, often under stressful conditions; to exercise considerable restraint in adversarial relationship; to perform essential job elements such as loading, unloading, and firing weapons; to perform strenuous physical activities such as running, lifting, climbing, bicycling, jumping from or over obstacles; to effectively and safely operate a motor vehicle at high speeds in adverse conditions. Selected candidate must be able to pass department physical fitness test; undergo psychological examination and pre-employment investigation; successfully complete DCJS Law Enforcement Basic school and the department's Field Training Program. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Associate degree in criminal justice or related field. TWO FULL-TIME POSITIONS. Work schedule: rotating shifts. Application deadline: Nov. 4.

PROGRAMMER ANALYST (2001D) Computing Center Normal Starting Pay: $28,652 (Grade 12)

Provides consultation, instruction, and support to faculty and staff members, and students on a broad range of desktop and mainframe software and hardware at the university; develops, writes, and maintains Computing Center publications; teaches short courses on computer use. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Degree or equivalent training and experience in computer science, mathematics, or related field; experience providing computer consulting; knowledge of several computing systems among Macintosh, Unix, MS-DOS, Windows, and VM/CMS; considerable knowledge of computer networks and electronic mail; strong interpersonal and communication skills. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Experience in an academic environment; knowledge of Eudora and NuPOP; background in user support; strong experience with TCP/IP. FULL-TIME POSITION. Application deadline: Nov. 4.

REAL ESTATE CONTRACTS ADMINISTRATOR (BUSINESS MANAGER A) (2103D) Office of Real Estate Management Normal Starting Pay: $23,975 (Grade 10)

Performs complex technical duties with high expectations required to negotiate and manage lease contracts for the university, with an annual budget in excess of $6 million. Ensures compliance with the Code of Virginia, established policies and procedures. Directs daily operations of leasing activities with an emphasis on customer service to the university community. Coordinates the submission of forms and formulates reports as required; coordinates activities with fiscal and support personnel; prioritizes and coordinates requests for leased space; negotiates leases; maintains detailed market analyses; develops facility agreements as necessary; serves as liaison with state agencies and university units. Promotes continuous improvement and team work in all aspects of the work. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Extensive high-level public/private-sector experience in area of lease management, contract negotiation, and/or administration. Experience with personal computers, word processing, and accounting/spreadsheet software; demonstrated ability to work independently; strong communications skills with ability to work effectively with a diverse group of people and accept projects with strenuous deadlines. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Degree with emphasis in business or public management, real estate, or property management, or a combination of experience and training. Direct leasing experience. Experience using MS Word, MS Excel, and Macintosh computers. Knowledge and understanding of applicable state policies. FULL-TIME POSITION. Application deadline: Nov. 11.

FOOD OPERATIONS ASSISTANT B (3RD COOK) (W147R) Culinary Services Normal Starting Pay: $5.65 (Grade 2)

Follows instructions of the supervisor, using standard recipes and procedures to prepare menu items. Grills, fries, and steams food items as required by recipes and menus. Assembles and mixes ingredients for soups, sauces, and gravies. Opens and unpacks frozen foods and canned products for preparation of the cooking process. Helps check-in, store, and move food supplies; carries food to serving lines and assists in housekeeping chores. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Some knowledge of large-quantity cooking and basic math. Ability to follow standard recipes and procedures, and to operate all kitchen equipment. Ability to work with people and to work quickly and efficiently; ability to independently and safely move and handle up to 60 lbs. and to work for long periods of time in high temperatures. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Experience in large-quantity cooking using standardized recipes. Several positions available. FULL-TIME POSITION. Work schedule varies and includes nights and weekends for a maximum of 1,500 hrs. in a 365-day period. Application deadline: Nov. 4.

FOOD OPERATIONS MANAGER ASSISTANT (W162R) Culinary Services Normal Starting Pay: $8.07 (Grade 6)

Assumes all duties and responsibilities in manager's absence. Supervises employees to ensure a proper customer-service atmosphere. Monitors service of coffee, pastry, and ice cream to ensure proper production and presentation. Oversees production of pastry items, maintains reports and records involving cash handling and facility, and regulates labor hours. Utilizes merchandising techniques for appearance of foods, good dining atmosphere, and good customer relations. Regulates labor hours within designated allowances to maintain and develop customer service and good staff rapport. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Experience in a retail operation; knowledge of proper food production and presentation techniques; ability to communicate effectively with all levels of personnel; good supervisory and leadership skills; knowledge of computer systems operation. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Education or training in food service or nutrition; supervisory experience in a food-service operation. PART-TIME POSITION. Hours vary to include nights and weekends for approx. 20 hrs. per week during the academic year for a maximum of 1,500 hrs. in a 365-day period. Previously advertised with different hours, it is not necessary to reapply. Application deadline: Nov. 4.

HOUSEKEEPING WORKER (W165R) Student Health Services Normal Starting Pay: $5.17 (Grade 1)

Responsible for cleaning and sanitizing Student Health Services facility (restrooms, offices, laboratory, x-ray, medical clinics, etc.). Duties include scrubbing, stripping, and refinishing tiled floors, shampooing carpeted areas, and buffing hallways; cleaning entranceways and sidewalks, including snow and ice removal. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Cleaning experience and knowledge of various housekeeping equipment such as buffers and scrubbers; ability to safely move and handle 50 lbs. and to follow instructions. Must be able to meet rigid cleanliness requirements as set forth in the OSHA standards for cleaning a medical facility. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Cleaning experience in a medical facility. PART-TIME POSITION. Work schedule: one day per week 6 a.m.-3 p.m. and every third Saturday 9 a.m.-1 p.m., 40 hrs. per week during breaks, and on call for coverage when needed. Application deadline: Nov. 4.

LABORATORY AIDE (W160R) Wood Science and Forest Products Normal Starting Pay: $5.65 (Grade 2)

Cleans the various wood-processing, wood-testing, wood-chemistry, and adjacent laboratories and facilities in and around the Brooks Forest Products Center. Assists in setting up equipment and testing facilities in the various laboratories and adjacent operations; operates some wood-working equipment. Performs other routine cleaning and equipment setup duties as required. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Cleaning experience; ability to use power tools and equipment, to safely move and handle heavy items such as lumber, panels, equipment, etc., and to follow instructions. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: Cleaning experience in a similar commercial or institutional setting; experience with wood-working equipment. PART-TIME POSITION. Application deadline: Nov. 4.

SECRETARY SENIOR (W155P) Institutional Research and Planning Analysis Normal Starting Pay: $7.38 (Grade 5)

Schedules, plans, and coordinates conferences and meetings for groups of administrators, faculty, and staff. Manages travel and appointment schedules for the director of Institutional Research and the planning coordinator. Prepares budget status reports and monitors budget status; serves as office liaison with accounting, purchasing, payroll, and personnel departments. Composes correspondence, prepares and edits reports, maintains library of planning documents and other files of planning and budget-management materials. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A valid typing test score must be on file to be considered for an interview. Experience in general office support to include making travel arrangements, keeping calendars and arranging meetings; experience reviewing and maintaining budgets; experience using personal computers and related software such as E-mail, spreadsheets, word processing; ability to interact and communicate with a variety of people; to compose, edit, and proofread various documents; ability to handle several complex tasks concurrently. WITH PREFERENCE GIVEN FOR: A typing test score of 50 wpm with good accuracy. Knowledge of university policies, procedures, and record-keeping systems related to accounting, purchasing, payroll, personnel, and travel; experience using mainframe, and text editors. PART-TIME POSITION. Work schedule: 20 hours per week, Monday-Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Application deadline: Nov. 4.



RESEARCH SPECIALIST (6470) Normal Starting Pay: $20,062 (Grade 8) Position Location: Suffolk, VA. Apply To: Tidewater Ag Research and Extension Center, 6321 Holland Road, P.O. Box 7219, Suffolk, VA 23437-0219. Application deadline: Nov. 4.

Faculty Jobs


DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY. Visiting Assistant Professor.

Previous ad was listed as a tenure-track, assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy and the Center for Programs in Humanities. The position has been changed to a visiting assistant professor.

Beginning Fall Semester 1995. AOS: Medieval or modern philosophy up through Kant. AOC: Interdisciplinary humanities and ethics, or social and political philosophy. Appointment will be in the Center for Programs in Humanities with joint appointment in the Department of Philosophy. Ph.D. by August 1995. Salary competitive. Teaching responsibility in humanities will be principally medieval or enlightenment humanities but may also include introductory courses in ancient Greek and Roman humanities or Renaissance. Principal teaching responsibility in philosophy will be undergraduate and graduate courses in medieval or early modern philosophy, and introductory philosophy courses. Send dossier, a writing sample, and at least three letters of recommendation to J.C. Pitt, Chair, Humanities Search Committee, Department of Philosophy, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0126. Telephone (703) 231-4564. Fax (703) 231-6367. Applications must be postmarked by Dec. 5, 1994 to be considered for possible interviews at the Eastern APA Meetings.


PHYSICS DEPARTMENT. Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Institute for Particle Physics and Astrophysics.

The current interests of the group include various phenomenal aspects of the standard model and its possible extensions, quantum gravity, perturbative and non-perturbative methods in quantum field theories. The deadline for applications is Feb. 1, 1995. Applicants should send their vitae, publication lists, and three letters of reference to Janet Manning, Institute for Particle Physics and Astrophysics, Physics Department, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0435.


Will be responsible for the overall administration of COTA's operations including program, personnel, and budget. Supervises clerical and support personnel; manages daily organizational and business-related activities; and develops and carries out plans to ensure the successful operations of the center. Interacts with university and external constituencies; represents the executive director as needed. The successful candidate must be able to work with a diverse group of professional and executive clients as well as faculty and administrative personnel at the university; demonstrate excellent time management and organizational skills; have excellent social, written, and oral presentation skills; have experience and skill in professional development and training in business, government and/or education; and willingness to commit time, energy, and talents to this innovative venture. Doctorate preferred, but consideration will be given to those holding a master's degree and professional experience that is consistent with the position and COTA's mission. Some travel required, particularly to Hotel Roanoke Conference Center (45 miles from campus). This is a calendar-year, nontenure-track professional faculty position; appointment renewable annually. Salary and benefits will be competitive. Primary location will be in Blacksburg. Interested candidates should submit letters of application which highlight their capabilities and interest in the position; a current professional resume; and names, addresses, and phone numbers of at least three professional references to Dr. James J. Buffer Jr., Executive Director of COTA; Provost's Office, 201 Burruss Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0132. Phone (703) 231-6122 or fax (703) 231-7211. Screening of applications began Oct. 15, 1994, and will continue until the position is filled, withdrawn, or readvertised.


Administrative faculty position. The coordinator of leisure services is responsible for the coordination of recreational, arts, crafts, and other leisure programs within the University Unions and Student Activities unit of the Division of Student Affairs. The coordinator will manage all aspects of leisure service facilities in Squires Student Center including bowling, billiards, electronic games, pottery, and outdoor equipment rental. The coordinator will develop activity and leisure-education programs, and will serve as liaison to other recreational services within the university. The coordinator will assist student organizations and individual students in recreational program planning and direction. Graduate degree in recreation, student personnel, leisure-service administration, or a related field preferred. Experience in delivery and administration of recreation leisure services desired. Salary is low to mid-twenties, commensurate with qualifications. Position is available immediately. Application review begins Jan. 6, 1995. Send letter of application, resume, and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of at least three references to Mr. William Campion, Associate Director, University Unions and Student Activities, 225 Squires Student Center, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0138.


The program director will bring new strengths to the OIRD and play a major role in carrying on its mission. The candidates will complement existing strengths in OIRD. The candidates should have a broad background, be flexible in their ability to handle a wide variety of tasks, and enjoy working with people from many different backgrounds. The OIRD is searching for a program director who has the following credentials: Ph.D. in economics or agricultural economics; proven success in writing proposals for grants and contracts for development projects funded by different donors; extensive international experience working with projects and activities related to the candidate's field of expertise, and an understanding of the connections between international and United States development issues; the ability to initiate and implement programs and activities related to international education, research, and development for use on and off campus; the ability to work collaboratively across all disciplines and colleges; some administrative experience in handling office matters and excellent interpersonal skills; ability to speak and read French (FS-3) highly desirable and Spanish or other foreign language desirable. The individual selected for the position will be housed in the OIRD office but may serve as an adjunct faculty member in the disciplines in which she or he holds a doctorate degree. The position is state-dollar-funded, a nontenure-track position, but on a continuing basis subject to budgetary guidelines of the state of Virginia. Deadline for applications is Dec. 31, 1994, or until a suitable candidate is found. Names and contact numbers of three references should be mentioned in the application. Letters of application with three letters of recommendation should be sent to Dr. S.K. De Datta, Director; Attention: OIRD Program Director Committee, Office of International Research and Development, Virginia Tech, 1060 Litton Reaves Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0334. Phone: (703) 231-6338. Fax: (703) 231-6741.