Spectrum - Volume 17 Issue 14 December 1, 1994 - Senators discuss termination resolution

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Senators discuss termination resolution

By John Ashby

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 14 - December 1, 1994

The Faculty Senate discussed a Commission on Faculty Affairs (CFA) resolution on termination for cause, and recommended its passage at the November meeting.

Senators also heard an explanation by Doug Martin, human resources manager, of changes in retirement benefits under the Virginia Retirement System. (Please see accompanying information)

The CFA resolution recognizes that dismissal for cause is initiated only in very serious cases, and that such cases are often settled before the completion of the dismissal process. The proposed revision would continue to allow such negotiated settlements. It addresses concerns that the university's current policy, which allows a year's severance pay (or notice), following a decision to dismiss for cause does not adequately reflect institutional or student interests.

Citing regulations published by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), the resolution calls for deletion of the final paragraph of section 2.11.1 of the Faculty Handbook , and substitution of the following statement: "In cases of moral turpitude (as defined by the AAUP), termination will usually be immediate. Moral turpitude shall be determined by the first faculty committee that considers the case. In cases not involving moral turpitude, a tenured faculty member will receive up to one year's salary or notice from the date of the president's notification of dismissal. A faculty member whose probationary term appointment is foreshortened will receive three months salary or notice."