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Staff members concerned

By Netta S. Eisler

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 17 - January 26, 1995

Deb Williams reported to the Staff Senate last Thursday that a universal leave document being passed around is not part of the Blue Ribbon Strike Force packet submitted to Gov. George Allen.

Williams urged senators to tell their association members that the document was probably part of an early proposal, and is not being considered.

The senators discussed their concern about budget cuts and the hiring freeze proposed by Allen. President Wyatt Sasser reminded the senate that, even though senators are upset about the budget cuts and hiring freeze, these matters are outside the realm and scope of the Staff Senate. "We're involved in the politics and governance structure of Virginia Tech, not the Commonwealth of Virginia," Sasser said.

Sasser advised senators who wished to change state-wide policy to get involved in politics as Virginia taxpayers, not as Virginia Tech staff senators. The senate discussed what to say and whom to write or call about these concerns. Senators were reminded not to use state telephones, state time, or state stationery when contacting a legislator. They also were told to make comments brief and to the point.

The senate also discussed the layoff and bumping policy. It was reported that Ann Spencer has not received any specifics, and is waiting on word from Richmond.

In other business, the senate discussed the possibility of a constitutional amendment on the way vacancies on university committees and commissions are filled in mid-term. The proposal was to allow the Executive Committee to chose from a list of senators or alternates provided by the Elections and Nominations Committee. In response to a query by Sasser about whether the senate wished to review the process, the senators voted to look into the matter and see what options are available. They will discuss the issue at future meetings. Sasser will contact Larry Moore to get more information from him about the process.

Sasser told the senators that recent newspaper articles stated that the average state employee uses 13 days of sick leave per year. In contrast, Sasser said, Virginia Tech employees average only seven sick days per year.

The senate voted to send Deborah Young's name to President Paul Torgersen as a nominee for the EO/AA Committee.