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To the Editor

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 21 - February 23, 1995

The Staff Support Team of Project ENABLE read with interest Dr. Marchman's letter to the editor that was published in the February 16 edition of Spectrum. Dr. Marchman's comments are precisely the reason those of us directly involved with Project ENABLE feel that good communication is a critical element in the ultimate success of the project.

Project ENABLE will be successful only if everyone in the university community has the benefit of understanding the objectives of the project as they relate to each one individually and the university as a whole. Since this communication must be with such a diverse group, it is necessary to use a variety of vehicles and formats for disseminating information. The cost of developing these communications is dramatically less than the cost of not doing so. Consider the cost of attempting to implement a project of this scope without communicating it to the university community.

We appreciate Dr. Marchman's comments and thoughts on how the message is not being clearly understood. If too much of our message has been couched in terms of "computereze," we must do better. If people will continue to let us know when we are not on track in establishing good communications, improvements can be made in all our efforts to get the information to the university community. We need your continuing help and support.

Anyone interested in learning more about Project ENABLE can contact the Staff Support Team through e-mail: enable@vt.edu, or campus mail, mail code 0352. The team will be happy to arrange a presentation or general discussion about any component of Project ENABLE.

Project ENABLE Staff Support Team