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Award recipients announced - Founders Day highlights achievements

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 26 - March 30, 1995

Virginia Tech will honor its outstanding faculty, students and staff at Founders Day Friday, April 7, at 3:15 p.m.

To place more emphasis on the achievements of the award winners, there will not be a guest speaker at this year's ceremony. "In this way, we can keep the focus on the award winners and their achievements," said David Nutter, associate director of university relations for public affairs.

Virginia Tech will present its highest award for service, the William H. Ruffner Medal, to Clifford A. Cutchins III. Cutchins, a member of the the Class of 1944, is the retired chairman of Sovran Financial Corporation. An accounting major, Cutchins served on the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors for a total of 14 years, including a term as rector.

Also this year, the university will be awarding its first award for public service. The University Public Service Award recognizes outstanding achievement through university outreach.

In next week's Spectrum, there will be a profile of each of the award winners. The winners are:

Graduate Teaching Assistant Excellence Award: Rebecca Taylor; Graduate Student Service Award: Michael Latham; Alumni Teaching Excellence Awards: Ellsworth "Skip" Furhman, Arthur "Art" Keown; University Public Service Awards: David Larsen, Waldon Kerns; Wine Awards: Katherine R. Allen, Hugh W. Munson, Bruce E. Reed; Alumni Excellence in Academic Advising: Thomas O. Sitz; Sporn Award for Teaching Introductory Subjects: James Wightman; Sporn Award for Teaching Engineering Subjects: Guo-Quan Ku; President's Awards for Excellence: John E. Beach, Aldora G. Green, Elizabeth Eichelberger, Cindy D. Baker, Betsy M. McCoy; Alumni Awards for Excellence in Research: William H. Velander, Frank C. Gwazdauskas; Roe-Hoan Yoon; Alumni Awards for Excellence in Extension: Cameron H. Hackney, James C. Maitland; Alumni Distinguished Service Awards: Leo A. Vecellio Sr., Charles O. Strickler; William H. Ruffner Medal: Clifford A. Cutchins III; Student Man of the Year: Kevin W. Leclaire; Student Woman of the Year: Carla Dee Moravitz; Outstanding Student Awards: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: Miriam Louise Kelly; College of Architecture and Urban Affairs: Elizabeth J. Reamy; College of Arts and Sciences: Christopher A. Learn; Pamplin College of Business: Jennifer L. Arute; College of Education: Gregory I. Abel; College of Engineering: Cheryl E. Martin; College of Forestry and Wildlife: Corey D. Adler; College of Human Resources: Micah Schachinger; College of Veterinary Medicine: Thomas B. Massie Jr.