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Council resolution proposes automatic placement

By Netta S. Eisler

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 29 - April 20, 1995

At its April 3 meeting, the University Council heard the first reading of a resolution which proposes that the Board of Visitors' undergraduate student representative be automatically placed on the Commission of Student Affairs. This proposal has been unanimously adopted by the Commission on Student Affairs.

Council also heard the first reading of a resolution on religious holidays. The resolution states that a copy of recognized religious holidays will be provided to all student organizations and will be published in such publications as the Collegiate Times, Spectrum, and possibly the timetable of classes. The Registrar's Office will keep the list. Alan McDaniel, chair of the Committee on Academic Support, said the resolution is designed to improve the communication process on issues related to the academic calendar. He said that, no matter what resolutions are passed, all academic issues relating to religious observances still rest between faculty members and their students.

Janet Johnson, interim dean of the College of Human Resources, presented the Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies Resolution 1994-95A, Amendment to Policy Memo 126, for second reading. The resolution was approved.

Policy Memo 126, approved in 1992, was an attempt to insure that all on-campus graduate programs provided copies of their policies and procedures to the Graduate School. Enforcement of the language of the policy, however, proved difficult. The amendment includes a statement that the conduct of the graduate programs is primarily an academic matter, and is the direct concern and responsibility of the faculty. It also provides for the Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies and the Graduate School to review individual program statements and to assess their implementation as part of the regular five-year departmental evaluations. All departments will maintain a current copy of their policy statements at the Graduate School.

Johnson also presented the Commission on Research Resolution 94-95A, Research Faculty Title Series, for second reading. The resolution will create a series of titles for research faculty members, including the title of research professor. The titles will be examined every two years. The resolution, referred back to council from the Commission on Faculty Affairs, passed.

Following the business session, Provost Peggy Meszaros answered questions about the Workforce Transition Policy. When asked whether the president planned to deny all of the "buyout" requests, Meszaros said that no such decision had been made. She said that university administrators were still examining requests and completing the paperwork required by officials in Richmond.

When questioned about the $12-million budget shortfall, Meszaros said more information would be available soon. She encouraged council members to attend the information session on April 10, where they would have a chance to ask questions and to receive the latest information.