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Spectrum available on-line

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 29 - April 20, 1995

Spectrum is available electronically to anyone with access to the VT gopher or the World Wide Web. The files go back to May 1993.

A "search" feature allows electronic users to find articles in back issues of the paper. Searching is done using key words or phrases that appear in the articles.

The gopher version of Spectrum is available via the VT gopher (gopher.vt.edu). For those already logged onto VTVM1, to access gopher, type "gopher" at the ready prompt. Select the "News, Schedules and Events" menu item by moving down to it with the arrow key or by clicking on it with your mouse, and then pressing "Enter." You will find Spectrum in this directory. Select the issue, then the specific article or articles you wish to read or download.

You can access the World Wide Web version of Spectrum via the following path: From the VT Home Page (HTTP://WWW.VT.EDU) select GENERAL UNIVERSITY INFORMATION, then select NEWS. Spectrum is available under this heading. Or you can go directly to the SPECTRUM page using the following URL: "HTTP://SCHOLAR.LIB.VT.EDU/EJOURNALS/spectrum/"

To use the search feature, select "Search Virginia Tech Spectrum." When the query "Find what?" appears on the screen, type a word or phrase that you think is found in the article you wish to see or a word indicating a subject. For example, if you are looking for everything printed in Spectrum since May 1993 on the subject of recycling, type the word "Recycle" when you get the query. A list of every Spectrum article that contains that word will appear on your screen. You can then read any articles that are of interest. If you wish, you can print or download these articles.

Spectrum files are updated weekly.