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University Commissions and Committee Reports

(Editor's note: The following sets of university governance minutes are received from group reporters, and may not reflect Spectrum editorial style.)

Commission on Undergraduate Studies

October 24

Reporter: Steven Wilson

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 30 - April 27, 1995

Ezra Brown, chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Curricula, presented the October 24 report for "First and Second Reading". Motion was made and seconded to approve. The motion to approve for "First and Second Reading" was accepted.

The following courses were approved for spring 1995: MSE3134 Introduction to Symmetry and X-Ray Powder Diffraction (new), MSE 4095, 4096 Honors Senior Design Project (new), and MSE 4134 Intermediate X-Ray Diffraction (new).

Two courses were approved for fall 1995: BSE4344 Geographic Information Systems for Engineers (new), and CT 2224 Interior Apparels Laboratory (new).

The following courses are to be deleted: MSE 3044 X-Ray Determination of Atomic Arrangements, and MSE 3054 X-Ray Determination of Atomic Arrangements Laboratory.

Mary Ann Lewis asked for clarification on the transfer of courses from one department to another. Wanda Dean responded the procedure would depend on the courses. She stated if there were no changes to the courses, an administrative change could be made by way of letter asking for the change and providing background. She added that if there were changes to the courses, they would be required to bring the courses forward through the course governance process. Mike Ogliaruso inquired as to the amount of time that should pass before unused course numbers may be used again. Wanda Dean responded that historically, course numbers could be reused in seven years, but added that exceptions have been made when justification has been provided.

Alan McDaniel, chair of the Committee on Academic Support, presented the minutes of the April 27, 1994 meeting. He reported the minutes reflect the approval of the committee of the academic calendars for the year 1996-1997 and 1997-1998. Melissa Temeneck asked if the committee has reviewed the issue of moving the first day of classes back to Tuesday with Alan responding that the committee will be revisiting that issue again this year.

Bill Cox, chair of the University Core Curriculum Committee, presented the minutes of the September 27 meeting. Wanda Dean suggested that effective dates of implementation be specified in the minutes for courses which are brought forward for "second reading". Janet Sawyers asked if the committee takes into account the number of prerequisites for courses included in the core. Susan Brooker-Gross responded that she would investigate the issue and report back to CUS. Motion to accept the minutes as presented carried.

Susan Brooker-Gross distributed a handout which is intended to clarify the Honor System Review Board's position on the issue of "Purchased Class Notes" and what does and/or does not constitute a violation of the Honor System. She stated it is the prerogative of the instructor to state their policy on the issue and if they choose to not allow such notes, this should be specified in the course syllabus. Susan stated that the handout had been forwarded to the Commission on Faculty Affairs, Commission on Student Affairs and now to CUS. Wanda stated the Office of the University Registrar would assist in any way to distribute the information with class rolls, etc.

In other business, Betty Heath-Camp reported that both the Honor System Constitution and the College of Education Restructuring Plan were approved for "second reading" at the last University Council meeting.

Commission on Undergraduate Studies

November 14

Reporter: Steven Wilson

Ezra Brown, chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Curricula, presented the November 14, 1994 report for "First and Second Reading". Motion was made and seconded to approve. The motion to approve for "First and Second Reading" was accepted.

Two courses were approved for fall 1995, BSE 4424, Fluid Power Systems and Controls (revised), and UAP 3064, Urban Diversity (new).

Committee on Academic Policies--Ron Daniel, chair, stated the committee is continuing to solicit dialogue concerning the Freshman Rule (referring to the minutes of April 26, 1994.) He also stated the committee is discussing the issue of the ban on CLEP Credit and would bring this issue forward at a future meeting.

The following reports came from Standing Committees:

University Commencement Committee--Ed Henneke, chair, presented the minutes of October 5, 1994 for acceptance. Motion was made and seconded to accept. Dr. Henneke stated the committee had discussed the issue of shortening the length of the Fall Commencement Ceremony adding the consensus was they could see no way to shorten the length of the ceremony without losing its integrity. He also reported that the speaker for the ceremony to be a Distinguished Faculty member and hoped that this would allow more control over the time allowed for the commencement address. Motion to accept the minutes as presented carried.

University Library Committee--Bruce Obenhaus, library faculty, presented the minutes of Sep. 21, 1994, for acceptance. Motion was made and seconded to accept. Bruce stated the job description for the Collegiate Librarian Position was attached and that support from the colleges currently utilizing the position has been very good. John White stated the College of Agriculture and Life Science has been very pleased with the program and would strongly urge all colleges to take advantage of the position.

Athletic Committee--Norrine Spencer, CUS representative, presented the minutes of Sept. 14, 199,4 for acceptance. Motion was made and seconded to accept. Bob Hendricks inquired on the status of the Title IX lawsuit against the university. Norrine stated no update was provided at the last meeting in October. Bob stated a report in USA Today gave the impression that Virginia Tech was performing very poorly in its progression toward athletic equity. Dick Bambach stated that at this time, Virginia Tech does not appear to being doing well "on paper." He stated that a report on Title IX has not been made public due to the lawsuit and finalization on financing, but that Virginia Tech will far exceed other schools when the report is distributed. Bob Hendricks expressed his desire for the committee to address the USA Today report. Motion to accept the minutes as presented carried.

Mike Ogliaruso, College of Arts and Science, stated the college's concern over the ongoing problem of having students update their mailing addresses and telephone numbers. He proposed the student DROAPDD transaction be altered to prompt students to make these changes. Motion was made and seconded to approve the proposal. Susan Brooker-Gross asked if DROPADD was the only way to get students to make these changes. Mike responded he would be open to any suggestion but this seemed to be a logical way since any student wishing to make schedule changes would be prompted to have the information updated. Motion to approve the proposal as presented carried.

In other business, Heath-Camp reported the resolution on Graduation Requirements was presented for "First Reading" at University Council on November 7th and would be up for "Second Reading" at the December 5th meeting.