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Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 31 - May 4, 1995

Virginia Tech faculty and staff members, and students, are often the subject of significant national and state-wide news coverage. To better inform the university community about these accomplishments, the Office of University Relations has compiled this monthly report. This report excludes coverage in the Roanoke news-media market. For more information about the articles mentioned, call Julie Kane, university public relations coordinator, at 1-9934, or contact your college public-relations office.

Wired for the Future (Jan. 11): computer science professor Roger Ehrich was interviewed about the virtual school system he is setting up for Montgomery County Schools through the Blacksburg Electronic Village (BEV). The article covered innovative educational applications of advanced telecommunications. Andrew M. Cohill, BEV director, was also quoted.

Houston Chronicle (March 20): Pamela Yip's "Your Money" column on how to organize bills and bill paying, quotes Irene Leech of housing, interior design, and resource management.

Virginia Pilot and Ledger-Star (March 22): The Audubon Quartet's concert in tribute to artists imprisoned at the Terezin concentration camp in Czechoslovakia was reviewed.

The Chronicle of Higher Education (March 24): A brief article about Beth Oliver's study of reality-based police shows was included in this issue. She is in communications studies.

Knoxville News Sentinel (March 26): Agriculture associate professor Eluned Jones was quoted in a story on the increase of cotton production in Virginia and across the south.

The Discovery Channel (April 6): A one-hour special on "Cyberspace" included a visit to the Blacksburg Electronic Village. Andrew Cohill and Courtney Vargo of Virginia Tech's BEV project were interviewed.

New York Times (April 8): Alumni Distinguished Professor James I. Robertson was quoted in a story about Gen. Robert E. Lee's retreat and the South's acceptance of the "Lost Cause."

Building Design and Construction (April issue): Professor James E. Woods, director of the Indoor Environment Program, was quoted on "sick-building syndrome" in the article "Indoor Air Quality Requires Integrated Approach."

WRVA Radio-Richmond (April 10): Choices and Challenges organizer Doris Zallen was interviewed about lessons learned from this year's forum on "The Quality of Life in the Electronic Village."

Washington Post (April 11): Blacksburg Electronic Village project manager Andrew Cohill and graduate student Jim Hassall were featured in an A1 story on the Blacksburg Electronic Village.

Minnesota Public Radio (April 12): Mary Beth Oliver was interviewed about reality-based police shows.

Hartford Courant (April 13): Communications studies associate professor Scott J. Patterson was quoted in a story about the impact of "smart" machines that can talk to each other.

USA Today (April 13): Mary Beth Oliver's research on how cop series overstate the problems of crime and police success rates at catching criminals was featured in a story.

New York Times (April 16): Saifur Rahman, a professor in the Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering and director of the Center for Energy and Global Environment at Virginia Tech, was quoted in an article about the feasibility of using hydrogen as a major source of energy in the United States.

The Chronicle of Higher Education (April 21): The article "A Train Station Remodeled by one of the Country's Pre-Eminent Designers" featured architecture associate professor Scott Gartner and assistant professor Bill Green.

Virginia News (radio) Network (April 21): Associate psychology professor Russell Jones was interviewed on the psychological effects of the federal building bombing in Oklahoma City.

Family Circle magazine (April 25 issue): Professor James E. Woods was quoted as a sick-building syndrome expert in the article "Are you at Risk from Sick Building Syndrome?'"