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Parking changes detailed

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 35 - June 29, 1995

On Wednesday, July 5, parking areas adjacent to Whittemore Hall (290 spaces) will be closed to accommodate the construction of a new engineering building. Construction of the new building is expected to take two years.

Several adjustments to parking patterns will be made beginning July 3.

The south-center parking quadrant in the large commuter lot between Prices Fork Road and Perry Street ("B" Lot) will be changed from a faculty/staff parking area to a commuter student parking area.

The southeast parking quadrant in the large commuter lot north of Whittemore will be changed from a commuter-student parking area to a faculty/staff parking area.

Eighty-nine additional new faculty/staff parking spaces, east of Stanger Street below the power house, are planned for construction during the summer. The new spaces will be adjacent to the parking lot already in that area.

Net loss of faculty/staff spaces in this area will be 66 after adjustments are completed. At the end of the two-year construction phase, 115 faculty/staff spaces will be returned to service from the building construction zone.

Commuter spaces that are currently vacant in the Wallace/Litton Reaves commuter lot and other lots will offset all adjustments made in the Prices Fork Commuter Lot and no loss of commuter-student parking spaces is planned at this time.