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Emergency number to be 911

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 35 - June 29, 1995

Because the United States is running out of 800 numbers, it is expected that a new "area code" for toll-free telephone calls will go into effect by April 1996. Unfortunately, the new area code chosen for toll-free calls is 888, which is Virgina Tech's emergency number.

Due to technical improvements available and to the need to prevent any possible confusion with our internal emergency number, the university is changing to the standard most people are familiar with for emergency calling: 911. You will reach Virginia Tech emergency services now, if you dial either 888 or 911, and you'll continue to be able to do so until Nov. 27, 1995. AFTER THAT DATE, ONLY 911 WILL WORK.

CNS will publicize this change in various campus media and will change it in all documentation we update. New phone faceplates or phone stickers will be provided. Please plan now to change any appearances of 888 on signs in your work areas to 911. Questions may be referred to John Grant of CNS Faculty/Staff Billing at 1-4258.