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Area code 540 begins July 15

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 36 - July 13, 1995

Virginia Tech and surrounding areas in western Virginia will begin using area code 540 at 2 a.m. July 15. Callers may use either 540 or 703 until Jan. 27, 1996, at which time only 540 will work for calls to this area.

Previously, all area codes had a zero or one as the middle digit. The demand for telephone numbers has required introduction of new area codes using any number as the middle digit, such as new area code 540. Areas using these new area codes have experienced some difficulty RECEIVING calls.

Problems of this kind are particularly likely when calls originate from overseas, from areas served by small telephone companies, or from locations served by private telecommunications systems such as hotels, hospitals, universities, and large businesses.

CNS wants to help Virginia Tech avoid these problems by promoting early use of the 540 area code by parties who call us BEFORE the permissive dialing period ends. If callers are unable to reach you when dialing the new code, they should notify their telecommunications system administrator so the problem can be corrected before the use of 540 becomes mandatory.

Stickers were provided in June 16 phone bills for use on correspondence, brochures, and other written material during the permissive dialing period. If departments need additional stickers, they may be ordered from Virginia Tech Printing Services at 1-6701.

Departments may also prefer to print additional stickers, using Microsoft Word and standard 1" x 2 5/8" labels, which will print labels from an IBM PC and HP-compatible laser printer. Instructions for printing stickers were also provided in the June 16 phone bill. Other hardware/software combinations may be able to a provide a similar product.

We hope these measures will make the area-code transition as easy as possible. If you have any questions, please call CNS at 1-6460.