Spectrum - Volume 18 Issue 05 September 21, 1995 - Incentive program awards announced

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Incentive program awards announced

Spectrum Volume 18 Issue 05 - September 21, 1995

Peggy Meszaros, senior vice president and provost, has announced funding for a series of programs that "provide a strong link for the exchange of knowledge and ideas and will play a major role as the university seeks to increase its continuing education efforts."

The Incentive Award Program, sponsored by the Division of Continuing Education with primary funding from the Center for Organizational and Technological Advancement (COTA), is designed to stimulate the development of new and creative continuing-education programs and to help faculty and staff members bring international, national, regional, and state professional association meetings to the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center.

Nine programs, six in the program-development category and three in the professional-association meeting category, were selected based on recommendations to the provost by the Academic Council for Continuing Education. A total of 17 first-round proposals were submitted by faculty and staff members.

A new deadline for the second round of submissions has been extended to October 13. For information, call Marketing Services at 1-2787.

The funded program-development projects include:

l. Sixth Annual Global Marketing Opportunities Conference, an educational forum to gain a deeper understanding of the international marketplace and to turn international contacts into contracts. The faculty contact is C. Ned Lester, director of Business and Community Relations in the University Office of International Programs. Award: $10,000.

2. Interpreter Training and Development, a two-week summer program held over three years, to help public schools maintain a high quality of sign-language interpreters as mandated by the state. The certificate program involves collaboration with more than 25 school districts across Southwest Virginia, and the curriculum will be developed by a team that includes a faculty member from Gallaudet University. The faculty contact is Constance Meck, program development director for the Division of Continuing Education. Award: $9,000.

3. Biotechnology 2001 Conference: Updating Educators for the 21st Century, a two-day program designed for college and high school educators in the Commonwealth of Virginia who need to increase their knowledge and upgrade their laboratory skills in biotechnology. Nationally recognized scientists will conduct sessions at the program. The faculty contact is Tracy Wilkins, director of the Center for Biotechnology. Award: $6,095.

4. The Total Quality Approach to World-Class Performance, a week-long training program co-sponsored by AT&T to help companies organize work into processes that consistently and profitably deliver quality to customers. The faculty contact is Roberta S. Russell, professor of management science, Pamplin College of Business. Award: $5,000.

5. Short Course on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), a one-and-one-half-day program co-sponsored by Virginia Tech's Center for Transportation Research for personnel in government and other agencies and private companies interested in ITS to enhance mobility, safety, and efficiency of transportation systems. The goal of the course is to provide opportunities for participants to become familiar with ITS user services, highlight activities taking place across the country, and gain exposure to research, development, and deployment activities. The faculty contact is R. Sivanandan, assistant director of research, Center for Transportation Research. Award: $4,000.

6. Quality of Life in the Global Environment, which is based on Virginia Tech's Choices and Challenges Forums organized around the quality-of-life theme. This proposal offers two interdependent but interconnected public forums to be held on the Virginia Tech campus but linked by satellite to the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center, thus expanding the potential audience base. The 1996 forum tackles current water-resource allocation choices and dilemmas, while the 1997 forum looks at environmental challenges for the future. Other support comes from the National Endowment for the Humanities and PBS. The faculty contact is Doris T. Zallen, associate professor, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies. Award: $10,000.

The funded professional association meetings include:

1. 1997 New Horizons in Science Briefings. Virginia Tech will host the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing (CASW) conference in 1997, bringing together the nation's most influential and distinguished scientists and engineers and the leading journalists in the scientific world. This one-week conference offers Virginia Tech faculty members an opportunity to present their scientific findings to the journalists. National and international news coverage highlighting Tech is a natural by-product. Other Tech support comes from the College of Engineering, the Research Division, and the Corporate Research Center. The faculty contact is Lynn Nystrom, news director, College of Engineering. Award: $5,000.

2. Interstate 81 Corridor Conference, a two-day conference to encourage individual and collective state projects in the areas of transportation, economic development, tourism, and industry along the I-81 corridor. The focus is on projects that no single agency could solely fund or manage, with additional emphasis on interregional activities that are best accomplished by pooling resources. The faculty contact is Ray D. Pethtel, University Transportation Fellow and interim director, Center for Transportation Research. Award: $4,800.

3. 1996 Conference of the National Association of Radio Reading Services. Through general sessions and workshops, this conference provides radio-station personnel with an opportunity to learn about new technology that enables better delivery of printed information to print-impaired persons. The faculty contact is Harold B. Martin Jr., director of the radio reading service, University Relations/WVTF Public Radio. Award: $5,000.