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Governance Notes

Spectrum Volume 18 Issue 19 - February 1, 1996

At its January meeting, the Commission on Classified Staff Affairs passed the following resolution: In view of the highly successful operation of the university's shared-governance system during the recent restructuring of the College of Education, the Commission on Classified Staff Affairs expresses its disapproval of the administration's failure to include the governance structure in the decision to merge the College of Education with another college; and particularly disapproves of the failure to consider the issues and concerns of the staff members of the College of Education during the decision-making process.

In regard to the University Plan draft document recently published for comment in Spectrum, the commission passed the following resolution: The Commission on Classified Staff Affairs expresses its concern for the wording of the draft University Plan in regard to the role of the staff in the university's future. Specifically, we believe that references to the staff, in the rare instances where they occur, tend to be vague at best, and place the staff in a subordinate position to the administration and to the faculty, rather than in a position of full partnership as called for in the system of shared governance.

In regard to the university's shared-governance system, we find no specific reference to shared governance in the document.

We request that a statement documenting the full partnership of the staff be included in the approved version of the University Plan 1996-2001. We further request that the university's shared-governance system be specifically identified as the appropriate vehicle to assist the administration in achieving the goals delineated in the planning document.