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EHSS managers brief senate

By Netta S. Smith

Spectrum Volume 18 Issue 21 - February 22, 1996

Managers of the four divisions of Environmental Health and Safety Services spoke at the Staff Senate's February 15 meeting.

Under a restructuring plan, the four managers share responsibility for the unit. They said they are trying to do more with less and to shift emphasis from enforcement to education. They urged anyone with an environmental-health or safety question or problem to call one of them.

Deborah Young, manager of Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Programs, told the senators about services her office performs, including medical surveillance and various monitoring programs. She can be reached at 1-8751.

Zachary Adams heads up Occupational Safety Programs. These include program development, education and training, hazard assessments, and monitoring. His phone number is 1-5985.

Doug Smiley is manager of Radiation Safety Programs, which covers radioactive materials, x-rays, radon, and non-ionizing radiation. He can be reached at 1-5364.

Bernadette Mondy manages the Lab Safety Division, which performs laboratory inspections and provides safety programs and a new chemical-tracking pilot program. Her phone number is 1-8758.

In business, senators heard a report from the Transportation and Parking Committee that Spring Road will close March 10 for construction.

Vice President Valerie Myers, who presided at the meeting, told the senators that the Faculty Senate officers and the Staff Senate officers are forming an alliance. "The two senates need to work together toward a common goal," Myers said.

Senator Widget Shannon encouraged the senators to join VGEA, which sends a newsletter to members that focuses on bills before the Virginia legislature. "Bills are coming up that will affect the staff," Shannon said.

A senator from the College of Arts and Sciences reported that their staff association is investigating the possibility of working with other staff associations to sponsor educational and motivational seminars for staff members. Staff association officers should contact Brenda Husser at 1-6878 or brenda.husser@vt.edu if their association is interested in co-sponsoring these seminars and sharing a portion of the cost.