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Employees need new ID cards

Spectrum Volume 18 Issue 24 - March 21, 1996

The university's central ID office, now called the Hokie PASSPORT Office, has begun re-carding faculty and staff members with new photo identification cards.

In addition to giving the holder a second picture ID the card has the capability of being used in locations across campus. This ID will allow access to services on campus with the magnetic stripe technology and bar-coding.

The card will also be accepted at the Tech Bookstore, located on South Main Street in Blacksburg.

Faculty and salaried staff members will be asked to visit the Hokie Passport Office at 41 Owens to obtain university picture ID cards. Departments will receive a schedule of these dates and times. Employees are asked to wait for their scheduled times to have their ID's made. Employees will be scheduled in alphabetical order and by department. Each employee will receive a letter indicating their scheduled time.

Employees should bring their Virginia driver's license for verification. There is no cost for the new ID, but if a replacement is needed a fee will be charged. All supervisors are encouraged to allow their staff members to visit the Hokie PASSPORT Office for this re-carding program.

The new identification card is called the Hokie PASSPORT. In addition to serving as the new Virginia Tech ID, the Hokie PASSPORT also functions as a debit card for those who wish to participate. Once money is deposited into an account, the card can be used to purchase goods at most campus vending machines and participating university locations including Donaldson Brown, Burger King, Hardees, and the University Bookstore. Eventually, local merchants will be accepting the Hokie PASSPORT, as well.

When the new payroll system is implemented, faculty and staff members will have the opportunity to automatically deposit a portion of each paycheck into their accounts. To open a Passport Account, please visit the Hokie PASSPORT Office Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The old Faculty/Staff ID will not be valid after July 1, 1996. For information about obtaining a new ID card or details of the Hokie PASSPORT account, please contact the Hokie PASSPORT Office at 1-5121.