Spectrum - Volume 18 Issue 25 March 28, 1996 - CGSP hears progress reports

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CGSP hears progress reports

By Susan Trulove

Spectrum Volume 18 Issue 25 - March 28, 1996

The Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies (CGSP) heard progress reports on a number of issues at the meeting before spring break.

Gene Brown reported that the Graduate Student Relations Committee is working on a statement to appear in the graduate catalog that outlines the university's expectations of graduate students and faculty. Departments would be invited to expand on the general statement and distribute statements regarding expectations and opportunities to incoming students. He invited departments that already have such statements to share them with the committee.

Rebecca Lovingood suggested that the CGSP/Commission on Research Joint Committee on Ethics might like to collaborate on the project. Brown agreed that would be appropriate. "We could take our best shot then pass it on to them."

Danny Waddill, graduate-student representative to the Board of Visitors, reported that there are three finalists for his position: John (Chris) Bunin of geography, Karin Horstman of education, and Ningling Wang of engineering. There had been five candidates but one dropped out because his funding for continuing graduate school did not come through. The board will select the new graduate-student representative at the April 21 meeting.

Eileen Hitchingham said the library is going to look at loan periods.

John Eaton said he has asked departments to report their graduate program requirements to the graduate school by May 15.

He also said the guidelines for electronic theses and dissertations are on the Graduate School homepage. There will be a workshop for students on Friday, March 29, in 100 McBryde from 4 to 6 p.m.

Eaton has also asked department heads and graduate chairs if there is unique software that they use in their department that doesn't run on Macintosh or Windows.