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Cassell Coliseum to undergo repairs

By Matthew Winston

Spectrum Volume 18 Issue 27 - April 11, 1996

Planning is under way to accomplish major emergency repairs to Cassell Coliseum during the summer and fall months of 1996.

The scope of work includes replacing the roof over the main arena, performing structural repairs in the main arena, and accomplishing major repairs on the air-handling units and electrical and lighting systems serving the arena.

According to Spencer Hall, assistant vice president for facilities, Cassell Coliseum's roof requires correction of structural problems that have resulted from the age of the building. "We noticed some potential structural problems last year and have been monitoring them very closely," said Hall. "Now that basketball season is over, we have the opportunity to make some repairs."

The schedule calls for work to begin shortly after Spring Commencement in May and to be completed sometime in October. During this time, the main arena and surrounding vestibule area of the Coliseum will be closed due to safety concerns relating to the construction activity.

The lawn area between the tennis courts and the Coliseum will be secured with a safety fence and used as staging area for materials and equipment. Materials will also be staged in the rear parking lot on the tennis court side of the Coliseum.

Hall says that the repair project will not have any effect on traffic on Washington Street. Also, the tennis courts will remain open and available for use.