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Staff Senate elects officers

Spectrum Volume 18 Issue 32 - May 30, 1996

At its regular monthly meeting, the Staff Senate elected officers for 1996-97. Spencer Allen, music department technical director, was selected president. Valerie Myers, secretary senior in dairy science and current vice president of the group, was elected to a second term. Marge Dellers, executive secretary in public safety, health, and transportation, will be secretary/treasurer. Delbert Jones, laboratory spcecialist in the College of Veterinary Medicine, was elected parliamentarian.

Nominees for commissions and committees were also selected. These names will be submitted to the administration, who will select commission and committee members.

The following nominees were elected: University Council, Kathleen McNinney, Nancy Phillips; Commission on Classified Staff Affairs, Wyatt Sasser, Jon Wooge; Commission on Classified Staff Affairs, Academic Units, Phyllis Olinger; Commission on Classified Staff Affairs, Administrative Units, Richard McCoy; Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies, Dee Lee.

Also, Commission on Student Affairs, Phoebe Crofts; Commission on University Support, Joy Thorn; Athletics Committee, James (J.B.) Brown, Kenneth Jarels; Building Committee, Eric Ackerman, Adelene Kirby; Commencement Committee, Linda Bucy, Loretta Estes; Employee Benefits Committee, Virginia Viers; EOAA Committee, Eric Ackerman, Janet Bryant, Deborah Young; Library Committee, Julie Petruska, Peggy Quesenberry; Transportation and Parking Committee, Pat Ballard, Rebecca Brim, Lois Wade.