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Spectrum Volume 18 Issue 34 - June 27, 1996

Faculty and staff members and graduate students from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and from the College of Forestry and Wildlife Resources presented papers at the recent annual meeting of the Southern Weed Science Society in Charlotte, N.C.

Among the presenters from the Department of Plant Pathology, Physiology and Weed Science were Kriton K. Hatzios, professor, "Structure Activity Relationships of Herbicide Safeners"; Jinguri Wu, research associate, and Hatzios, "Safener Fenclorim Protects Rice from Herbicide Injury by Regulating Glutathione-S-Transferase Gene Expression"; and Sydha Salihu, graduate student, Hatzios, and Jeffrey F. Derr, professor, "Basis of Selectivity of Isoxaben in Ajuga, Wintercreeper and Dwarf Burning Bush."

Also, Jinxia Sun, graduate student, and professor Chester L. Foy, "Differences between Sylgard 309 and Conventional Adjuvants in Physical-Chemical Properties and Herbicidal Enhancement of Two Sulfonylureas in Four Wood Species"; V.K. Nandula, graduate student, and Foy, "Analysis of Amino Acids in Egyptian Broomrape and its Host"; and James H. Westwood, research associate, and Foy, "Using PCR/RAPD Fingerprinting to Characterize Infestations of Small Broomrape in the US."

From the Department of Forestry, student J.W. Thompson and professors D.W. Smith and S.M. Zedaker, "Effects of Understory Vegetation Control on Oak Advance Regeneration Growth"; student B.H. Bunn, Zedaker, research associate R.E. Kreh, and professor J.R. Seiler, "Evaluation of Four Levels of Rapid Screening for Woody Plants Herbicides"; and student L.E. Watson and Zedaker, "Twelfth Year Response of Loblolly Pine to Eight Levels of Release."

Also, Zedaker and forestry lab specialist M.L. Jackson, "Effects of Surfactant on Imazapyr Absorption in Woody Plants"; and Jackson, Zedaker, and two researchers from the Forest Research Institute in Rotorua, New Zealand, "Spreading and Updating of Triclopyr Amine in Organosilicone/Cosurfactant Formulations."

Faculty and staff members and graduate students from the Department of Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science also presented papers at the recent annual meeting of the Northeastern Weed Science Society in Williamsburg.

Among the presenters were graduate student B.S. Manley, professor Henry P. Wilson, and research specialist T.E. Hines, "Common Cocklebur Response to Chlorimuron and Imazaquin"; student J.A. Ackley, Wilson and Hines, "Weed Control in Soybeans with Sulfentrazone"; professor Derr and a representative of a Virginia Beach golf club, "Poa annua Control in Bentgrass Greens"; and graduate student Rakesh S. Chandran, Derr, and professor S. Wayne Bingham, "Effect of Timing and Application Rate of Isoxaben for Broadleaf Weed Control in Turf."

Also, Salihu, Derr, and Hatzios, "Tolerance of Dwarf Burning Bush at Different Growth Stages to Isoxaben"; Derr, "Evaluation of Dithiopyr for Nursery Crop Weed Control"; and student M.A. Isaacs, Wilson, and researchers from the University of Delaware and from Clemson University, "Rimsulfuron Plus Thifensulfuron-Methyl (Basisreg.) Combinations with Other Corn Herbicides."

Also, Manley, Wilson, and Hines, "A Second Biotype of Imidazolinone-Resistant Smooth Pigweed is Cross-Resistant to Other ALS Inhibitors"; Isaacs and two researchers from the University of Delaware, "Response of Sethoxydim-Compatible Corn Hybrids to Various Graminicides"; and student M. Johnson and Bingham, "Goosegrass Control in Fairway Turfgrasses."

Department of Horticulture students placed sixth nationally in competitions at the 1996 ALCA (Associated Landscape Contractors of America) Student Careers Days at San Luis Obispo, Cal. Bryan Gooch, graduate student in CSES, won first place in the turf and weed identification competition.

This was the team's second year participating in the event. The team rose from last year's eleventh place showing in events ranging from a business-management problem, to a landscape-design event, to a competition in driving a Bobcat, according to faculty sponsor Robert McDuffie.