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Salary Increases for Classified Staff and the Section Administrator Designation for the 1996 Incentive Pay Plan

Spectrum Volume 18 Issue 38 - August 22, 1996

The 1996 session of the General Assembly has approved funding for the commonwealth's job classifications effective December, 1996. Salary increases of 4.35 percent will be granted to all classified salaried and wage employees (including those above the maximum of their assigned salary range). Salary increases for student wage employees may be given at the discretion of the department head as of December 1.


Salary increases for performance were not approved for classified staff and increases will not be provided at the end of the probationary period during this current performance cycle.

The vice presidents and deans have appointed the section administrators for their areas of responsibility for this cycle. The section administrators will coordinate and monitor the receipt of the preformance evaluations for the section. Each section is grouped within academic and administrative units, as listed below.


Executive Vice President/Fiscal and

Administrative Offices

The fiscal and administrative services department is divided into three sections by senior management level and defined as follows with the names of the section administrators:

1. Executive Vice President (includes the following units:) Lisa Johnson--President's Office; Athletic Department; associate vice president for personnel and administrative services; vice president for alumni relations.

2. Vice President for Finance and Treasurer: Jean Eversole.

3. Vice President for Development and University Relations: Kim O'Rourke.

Senior Vice President and Provost/Academic, Research and Extension Support

The academic, research and Extension support departments are divided into 14 sections by senior management level and defined as follows:

4. Senior Vice President and Provost (includes the following units:) Pat Hyer--senior vice president and provost, vice provost for academic affairs, University Planning, associate vice provost for undergraduate programs, assistant provost (including the following units:) Cooperative Education, Athletic Advising, Academic Enrichment.

5. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: Betty Greene.

6. College of Architecture and Urban Studies: Paul Knox.

7. College of Arts and Sciences: Kathryn Kane.

8. Pamplin College of Business: Hap Bonham.

9. College of Engineering: Jack Osborne.

10. College of Forestry and Wildlife Resources: Raynel Otero.

11. College of Human Resources and Education: Dianne Yardley.

12. College of Veterinary Medicine: Donna Pitt.

13. Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies: Sandra Muse.

14. Vice President for Student Affairs: Sharon Yeagle.

15. Vice President for Information Systems: Brenda Neidigh.

16. Vice Provost for International Programs: Dixon Hanna.