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Spectrum Volume 19 Issue 02 - September 5, 1996

Virginia Tech faculty and staff members and students are often the subject of significant national and state-wide news coverage. To better inform the university community about these accomplishments, the Office of University Relations has compiled this monthly report. This report excludes coverage in the Roanoke news-media market. For more information about the articles mentioned, call Julie Kane, university public relations coordinator at 1-9934, or contact your college public relations office.

Time Magazine (March 25): Russell Jones, associate professor of psychology, was cited for helping young survivors cope after the Scottish school massacre.

Southern Living. (April 1996): Hotel Roanoke was featured.

The Pocket Guide to the Internet, by Gary Gach (Simon & Schuster, 1996): The BEV is examined on several pages in this new book.

Virginia News Network (April 22): Robert Denton, professor in communication studies, was interviewed about the v-chip and news programming.

Richmond Times-Dispatch (April 26): Robert Denton was quoted in a story about the university's new Center for Leader Development.

Washington Post (May 6): Robert Denton commented on the tone of direct-mail and personal attacks in the Warner/Miller Senatorial nomination campaign.

Cox News Service (May 16): Robert Denton discussed the issue of free TV air time for presidential candidates.

Richmond Times Dispatch (June 6): Robert Denton's remarks on Warner's TV ads were included in a story.

Virginia News Network (June 14): Robert Denton was interviewed about George Allen's tour of Virginia.

Virginia Explorer (Summer 1996): An article appeared written by Marshall Fishwick, communication studies, on Virginians' love of horses.

Houston Chronicle (July 1): Ruth Smith, marketing professor, was cited in a story on collecting Olympic memorabilia.

Daily Mail Charleston WV (July 15): George Morgan, finance professor, was quoted in an Associated Press story on the increasing use of small satellite dishes in suburban and rural areas.

The Tampa Tribune (July 23): Chris Neck, assistant professor of management, was cited in a story on the motivational and self-help industry.

Miami Herald (July 25): Russell Jones, associate professor of psychology, commented on Flight 800.

Miami Herald (August 2): Psychology Professor Russell Jones was featured in a story on the problems children face when confronting a world increasingly filled with disasters. Jones had studied South Florida kids' reaction to Hurricane Andrew.

WRVA Radio, Richmond (August 6): Psychology Professor E. Scott Geller discussed problems of aggressive driving. A subsequent interview, aired on WRVA, featured Geller speaking on the topic of working safety.

Washington Post (August 7): Professor of public administration and policy Charles Goodsell was quoted at length in an article on the public's hatred of the IRS.

St. Louis Post Dispatch (August 12): Gene Seago, accounting professor, gave his views in a Reuters column on why few eligible low-income wage earners take the earned-income tax credit in advance.

Richmond Times-Dispatch (August 22): George Simmons, Aumni Distinguished Professor in biology, was featured in an article by Beverly Orndorff about Antartica as a laboratory for life on other planets.

AKC Gazette (August 1996): Beverly Purswell, associate professor in large animal clinical science, was quoted extensively in a story on canine reproduction.

Vision (a Swiss magazine): Charles Steger, vice president for university relations and development, was quoted regarding a report he developed for the Swiss government on philanthropy in higher education.

Wall Street Journal (August 23): Irene Leech, assistant professor in housing, interior design and resource management, was quoted on the first page of Friday's second section.

WVPT-TV, Harrisonburg Public TV (September 1): Associate Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science Professor Carole Cramer was featured in a story about tobacco in Virginia on the "Gateways" public affairs program. Another program in the series featured the Blacksburg Electronic Village (August 25).