Spectrum - Volume 19 Issue 05 September 26, 1996 - Changes in health care noted, open-enrollment dates upcoming

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Changes in health care noted, open-enrollment dates upcoming

By Doug Martin, human resources manager

Spectrum Volume 19 Issue 05 - September 26, 1996

Several changes and enhancements have been made in the Key Advantage and Cost Alliance Health care plans and are now in force. This information has been included in informational packets and other benefits material that is routinely distributed. Recent communications from the Governor's Office highlighted the following changes:

1. Coverage for high-dose chemotherapy has been expanded for some diseases.

2. Coverage for major organ transplants has been expanded.

3. Coverage has been added for outpatient prescription drug coverage for glucometers and blood-glucose test strips for members with insulin-dependent-diabetes.

4. Occupational therapy has become a covered service.

5. PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) tests are now covered by the plans.

6. Referral requirement for outpatient gynecological services, including the routine annual gynecological exam for Key Advantage, has been removed.

7. Abortion in cases of rape or incest, incapacitating fetal deformity and in cases where medically necessary to save the life of the mother continue to be covered; elective abortions are now handled in the same manner as other elective surgical procedures.

In addition to the above changes, confirmation has been received from the State Department of Personnel and Training regarding disposable contact lenses. Under the expanded vision coverage, effective July 1, 1996 disposable contact lenses can be covered up to $100 in a 24-month period, with the 24-month period beginning July 1, 1996.

University faculty and staff members are reminded that open enrollment will be October 21 through November 20. Changes can be made at that time in the health-care plans. Questions or comments regarding the health care program may be directed to the Benefits Staff, Southgate Center, 1-7779.