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To the editor

Spectrum Volume 19 Issue 09 - October 24, 1996

Dear Editor,

I write to clarify a few points made in the article "Graduate Information to be Presented to Board of Visitors" (October 10) written by Susan Trulove. Specifically, I believe comments attributed to Associate Provost John Eaton regarding the delayed pay issue and how it will affect graduate students were slightly erroneous.

In the article, Eaton allegedly stated the Commission on Student Affairs (CSA) was in the process of reviewing how the delayed-pay process could be amended so as to temper the immediate effect on graduate students. As chairperson of CSA, I know that the commission is not reviewing this issues, how it will affect graduate students, or how delayed pay could be implemented so as to not affect graduate students so immediately. Eaton did say that university officials were looking into the issue, but, as I was at the Graduate Student Assembly meeting in question, I do not believe Eaton specified CSA as the body which would be involved.

I do know that the Graduate Student Assembly is working with the Graduate School and other university officials to ascertain how delayed pay will affect graduate students and other members of the university community. However, CSA is not one of the parties involved.


John M. Aughenbaugh

chair, Commission on Student Affairs and vice president, Graduate Student Assembly