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To the editor

Spectrum Volume 19 Issue 09 - October 24, 1996

Dear Editor,

I read the article by Irene Leech, "Delayed-pay scheme still on state books." I am sorry that Spectrum would print this article. Ms. Leech adds insult to injury with her suggestions on how the state employees could compensate for the hardship that will be imposed by the state pay system come next year.

It's bad enough that we will be short a paycheck. To suggest we sell our clothes or other belongings, or to work a second job and be away from our children and spouses-then be tired the next day at our state job just shows a lack of respect for the working individual who does live paycheck to paycheck.

Being denied a paycheck will be a serious hardship on many employees, no matter how hard they try. No one should have to resort to the suggestions of Ms. Leech because their employer will not pay them. No one should have to sell what little they already have, or be denied the small satisfaction of giving gifts to loved ones or friends, or swallow their pride and borrow just to make ends meet.

Orlena Bussey, Analysis and Services