Spectrum - Volume 19 Issue 16 January 16, 1997 - Information for CBX data or VTTELNET users from CNS

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Information for CBX data or VTTELNET users from CNS

Spectrum Volume 19 Issue 16 - January 16, 1997

CNS has received inquiries about the queue for accessing the network via a Rolm Phone data connection, also referred to as "VT_TELNET." Presently, there are relatively few users compared to the facilities provided. However, a growing number of users are logging on and "reserving" ports for as long as they can.

This ties up a large percentage of the total number of ports available. The system has been designed to provide shared, brief-duration access to the Internet-for users to log on, quickly send outgoing and check incoming mail, then log off. Longer duration use, such as FTP'ing large files, should be reserved for midnight to 6 a.m., when there are significantly fewer users.

Telnet ports are very expensive to add and constitute older technology. In time, no residence-hall users will access the Internet this way, as all dorm rooms will be converted to Ethernet services.

CNS continuously evaluates the university's Internet-access supply-and-demand issues, with the goal of maintaining the best mix of cost, quantity and quality of service. To shorten the length of the queue to get to a VT_TELNET session, it has become necessary to modify the system to drop sessions longer than one hour in duration, once every hour between 6 a.m. and midnight.

We seek everyone's cooperation during the transition to newer, more effective technologies. Questions may be referred to Jeff Kidd, CNS Customer Support, at1-3932, or via e-mail to kiddj@vt.edu.