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Spectrum Volume 19 Issue 18 - January 30, 1997


Accountant Senior (6788D) Controller's Office-AIS ApplicationImplementation. Normal Starting Pay: $27,966 (Grade 11). F.T.P., renewedyearly. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Administrative Staff Assistant (537S) Executive Vice President. NormalStarting Pay: $21,407 (Grade 8). F.T.P. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Animal Care Technician A (W022049D) Veterinary Teaching Hospital. NormalStarting Pay: $6.59 (Grade 3). P.T.P., 30 hours per week, not to exceed 1,500hours per year from date of hire. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Building Stone Quarryman (6790P) Physical Plant. Normal Starting Pay:$14,989 (Grade 4). Two F.T.P.'s. Work Schedule: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Position ends6-30-97, renewed yearly. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Computer Systems Engineer (4533J) Aerospace and Ocean Engineering.Normal Starting Pay: $36,535 (Grade 14). F.T.P., renewed yearly. ApplicationDeadline: Feb. 7.

Computer Systems Engineer (1894S) Computer Science. Normal Starting Pay:$18,267 (Grade 14). P.T.P. for 20 hours per week. Position ends 6-30-97, may beextended. Work Schedule to be determined. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Computer Systems Senior Engineer (870D) Administrative InformationSystems. Normal Starting Pay: $39,940 (Grade 15). F.T.P. Application deadline:Jan. 31.

Fiscal Assistant (1917P) Electric Services Utility. Normal Starting Pay:$16,386 (Grade 5). F.T.P. Position subject to call-in during emergencysituations. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Food Operations Assistant A (W145C) Culinary Services. NormalStarting Pay: $5.52 (Grade 1). Temporary, F.T.P.'s, P.T.P.'s. Shifts vary andmay include day, evening, night, and weekend hours; and may include someovertime and call-in work. The vacancies are seasonal and run from August toMay. Wage employees are restricted to working a maximum of 1,500 hours in a365-day period from date of hire. Applications will be accepted until positionis filled. Individuals with disabilities desiring accommodation in theapplication process may call Personnel Services, 1-5301.

Highway Equipment Operator A (223P) Physical Plant-Grounds.Normal Starting Pay: $14,989 (Grade 4). Work schedule: Monday-Friday 8a.m.-4:30 p.m., on call for emergency duties such as snow removal. F.T.P.Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Housekeeping Lead Worker (Recycle Coordinator) (6724M) Residential andDining Programs. Normal Starting Pay: $9,407 (Grade 2). F.T.P. nine-monthacademic year. Position renewed yearly. Work schedule: Monday-Friday 7:30a.m.-4:30 p.m. Position previously advertised, it is not necessary to reapply.Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Housekeeping Worker (1462P) Physical Plant-Housekeeping Services. NormalStarting Pay: $11,473 (Grade 1). Three F.T.P.'s available. Work Schedule:Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Work area assignment and shift may be changedif necessary. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Housekeeping Worker (Utility Crew) (1214S) Residential and DiningPrograms. Normal Starting Pay: $11,473 (Grade 1). F.T.P. Work schedule:Thursday-Monday 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Office Services Aide (W022052E) Parking Services. Normal Starting Pay:$6.03 (Grade 2). P.T.P. 30 hours per week, not to exceed 1,500 hours in a365-day period. Work schedule 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday. Applicationdeadline: Feb. 7.

Office Services Assistant (4593J) Program Development. Normal StartingPay: $14,989 (Grade 4). F.T.P. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Office Services Specialist (1812D) University Libraries. Normal StartingPay: $16,386 (Grade 5). Two F.T.P.'s. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Office Services Specialist (1323D) University Libraries. Normal StartingPay: $16,386 (Grade 5). F.T.P. Sunday-Thursday 2-11 p.m. Application deadline:Feb. 7.

Office Services Specialist (468D) University Libraries. Normal StartingPay: $16,386 (Grade 5). F.T.P., Thursday-Saturday and Monday 1-10 p.m. andSunday 3 p.m.-midnight. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Powerline Assistant (663P) Power Plant. Normal Starting Pay: $17,913(Grade 6). F.T.P. Position maintains on call status and is considered emergencypersonnel. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Program Support Technician Senior (W022010J) Educational Leadership andPolicy. Normal Starting Pay: $9.41 (Grade 7). P.T.P. (20 hours per week).Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Programmer (6784D) Administrative Information Systems. Normal StartingPay: $25,582-$39,940 (Grade 10). F.T.P., renewed yearly. Some independenton-site evening and weekend work will be required. Application deadline: Jan.31.

Programmer (6789D) University Libraries. Normal Starting Pay: $25,582(Grade 10). F.T.P. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Programmer-Analyst (6722P) Electric Service Utility. Normal StartingPay: $30,572 (Grade 12). F.T.P. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Programmer-Analyst (2143D) University Libraries. Normal Starting Pay:$30,572 (Grade 12). F.T.P. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Radiologist Technologist (W022047G) Student Health Services. NormalStarting Pay: $9.41 (Grade 7). P.T.P. Work schedule: Saturday 9 a.m.-1 p.m.each week during academic year, prn during the week as scheduled by thefull-time technologist. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Research Specialist (2601S) Veterinary Medicine Experiment Station.Normal Starting Pay: $21,407 (Grade 8). F.T.P. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Research Specialist Senior (W022051M) Horticulture. Normal Starting Pay:$11.25 (Grade 9). P.T.P. for 20 hours. per week. Travel required. Applicationdeadline: Jan. 31.

Special Events Manager (Special Events Coordinator Senior) (6782D)University Relations. Normal Starting Pay: $30,572 (Grade 12). F.T.P.Application deadline: Feb. 21.

Starter-Marshall-Shop Attendant (Office Services Aide) (W201G) VirginiaTech Golf Course. Normal Starting Pay: $6.03 (Grade 2). Three P.T.P.'savailable. Work schedule varies with the season for approx. 17-20 hours perweek. Must be able to work holidays and weekends. Position ends approximatelyOctober or November 1997, depending on the weather. Application deadline: Jan.31.

Storekeeper Helper (W022016M) Culinary Services. Normal Starting Pay:$6.03 (Grade 2).. F.T.P. Schedule varies to include nights and weekends for amaximum of 1,500 hours in a 365-day period. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

The following positions are available to current university employeesonly.

Computer Systems Senior Engineer (U2002D) Computing Center. NormalStarting Pay: $39,940 (Grade 15). F.T.P. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

Fiscal Technician Senior (U6787D) Administrative Information Systems.Normal Starting Pay: $21,407 (Grade 8). F.T.P., renewed yearly. Applicationdeadline: Jan. 31.


Applicants interested in these positions should visit the Personnel ServicesOffice to review the job ads.

Secretary Senior (5473) Position location: Henrico County. Apply to:Charles Curry, Henrico County Extension, 8600 Dixon Powers Drive, P.O. Box27032, Richmond, VA 23273. F.T.P. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Secretary Senior (5331) Position location: Frederick County. Apply to:Gary DeOms, Frederick County Extension, 20 North Loudoun Street, Old FrederickCounty Courthouse, Winchester, VA 22601-4716. F.T.P. Application deadline: Feb.7.



Industrial Systems Engineering and mechanical engineering departments.Faculty Position. Tenure-track faculty position beginning Aug. 16, 1997.The position is an entry-level, joint appointment in ISE and ME in the areas ofadvanced manufacturing processes and design-for-manufacturability. Thesuccessful candidate will be required to teach in both of these areas and havea research emphasis in at least one of these areas; an experimental researchfocus is particularly desirable. Appointments require a Ph.D. in industrial ormechanical engineering, and preference will be given to individuals havingdegrees (graduate or undergraduate) in both IE and ME. Promise of teachingexcellence is expected and the candidate must display the potential forestablishing a significant research and scholarship record. Review ofapplications will begin March 1, 1997, and will continue until the position isfilled. For information on the ISE and ME departments at Virginia Tech,prospective applicants are invited to check the departmental web pages athttp://www.ise.vt.edu/ise/ and http://www.me.vt.edu/,respectively. Applicants should send a complete resume including personal data,education, publications, research record, and professional experience, togetherwith the names of three references, to: Dr. John P. Shewchuk, Chairperson,ISE/ME Search Committee, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0118. Fax 1-3322.E-mail shewchuk@vt.edu.

Language Institute. English as Second Language Instructor (part-time).Successful applicant must have: M.A. in TESOL or related field; composition,grammar, conversation-teaching experience; and native or near-native Englishlanguage ability. Substantial overseas living/working experience highlydesirable. Jan. 31, 1997, is deadline for applications. $20/hour startingsalary. For information call: Judith Snoke 1-9490 or 1-6963. E-maileslsnoke@vt.edu. Fax 1-9886. Send resume with cover letter and list ofreferences to: Judith H. Snoke, Director, Virginia Tech Language Institute, 820University Blvd., #226, mail code 0364, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0104.

Department of Accounting. Instructor. The department seeks to fill theposition in the fall of 1997. Candidates must have an earned master ofaccountancy degree with course work in structured systems development anddatabase-management systems. The successful candidate will teach undergraduatecourses in accounting and information systems. Applicant review will begin onFeb. 7, 1997, and continue until the position is filled. To be considered forthe position, please send a letter summarizing your qualifications plus acurrent resume and a list of references to: Wayne E. Leininger, Department ofAccounting, 3007 Pamplin Hall, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0101.

Department of Civil Engineering. Assistant Professor. Tenure-trackposition in environmental engineering. Position begins fall 1997. While searchemphasis will be placed at the assistant-professor level, candidates who havealready demonstrated success early in their academic careers and who wouldqualify for promotion to the rank of associate professor will be considered aswell. Candidates must have an earned Ph.D. in civil engineering or a relatedfield. All faculty members in the department are expected to have a strongcommitment to undergraduate teaching as well as to specialized graduateeducation, sponsored research, and scholarly work. The EnvironmentalEngineering Program currently has 10 faculty members covering a wide range ofenvironmental discipline areas. Candidates are sought who could teach coursesand conduct research in physical/chemical processes, biological processes,solid/hazardous-waste management, groundwater remediation,water-quality/watershed management, or a related field. Finally, the successfulcandidate will join the program as it moves into new facilities scheduled foroccupation in June 1997. Applicant review will begin Feb. 1, 1997, and continueuntil the position is filled. To be considered, send a letter summarizing yourqualifications plus a current resume and a list of at least three references toDr. William R. Knocke, Head, Via Department of Civil Engineering, 200 PattonHall, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0105.


Division of Engineering Fundamentals. Academic Advisor. Two half-timeacademic-year positions for immediate hire. Persons assigned to these positionsare responsible for providing guidance and advice to assigned freshmanengineering students. Duties include monitoring academic performance,recommending subsidiary programs and methods for enhancing academic success,and assisting with course registration. Familiarization with learning and studyskills, academic counseling, and university policies is desired. Candidatesshould have strong interpersonal skills and demonstrate ability to fluentlycommunicate orally and in writing as well as familiarity with personalcomputing and electronic mail. Applicants should have earned degrees(preferably engineering) with advanced degrees desired. Initial half-time AYsalary is $20,000. Review of applications begins Feb. 10, 1997. Candidatesshould send a letter of interest, vita, and the names, addresses, and telephonenumbers of three references to: Dr. Daniel D. Ludwig, Director, Division ofEngineering Fundamentals, 332 Randolph Hall, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA24061-0218. E-mail: dludwig@vt.edu.