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Spectrum Volume 19 Issue 19 - February 6, 1997

Virginia Tech faculty and staff members and students are often the subject of significant national and state-wide news coverage. To better inform the university community about these accomplishments, the Office of University Relations has compiled this monthly report. This report excludes coverage in the Roanoke news-media market. For more information about the articles mentioned, call Julie Kane, university public relations coordinator, at 1-9934,or contact your college public relations office.

San Diego Union-Tribune (April 9): The Entomology Department's on-line course, "Insects in Human Society," received a 4-star rating in the paper's "Surfing the Net with Kids" column.

The Journal of Urban Technology (summer 1996): Several CAUS faculty members had articles published in this issue: architecture professors Scott Gartner and William Green, "Transforming the Single-wide Mobile Home;" Diane Zahm, urban affairs and planning professor, "Smarter, Stronger, Safer: Improving Residential Security." The guest editor was Theodore Koebel, UAP professor and director of the Center for Housing Research, who wrote "Residential Technology and Public Policy."

The Elkins, WVA Inter-Mountain (July 1): Salamander research headed by Carola Haas, assistant professor of fisheries and wildlife sciences, was featured, as well as the summer work of her students, Camille Darby, a junior, and Rebecca Meegan, a recent graduate who interned at the Wildlife and Ecosystem Research Forest.

The Washington Post, Associated Press (Aug. 28): Robert Denton, communication studies professor and director of the Center for Leader Development, was quoted on the strategy change of the Mark Warner campaign.

The Dayton Daily News, Orange County Register (Sept. 7), Memphis Commercial Appeal, Palm Beach Post, The Charleston, SC Post and Courier (Sept. 8), The Atlanta Journal/The Atlanta Constitution, Austin American-Statesman, The Chattanooga Times (Sept. 18), MTV News (Sept. 25): Robert Denton was featured regarding presidential debates.

Colorado Public Radio (Sept. 9): Robert Denton was interviewed on ballot access and name position implications.

New York Times (Sept. 15): Edward Weisband, a professor in political science, was quoted in a column on principled resignations.

The Washington Post (Sept. 16): Robert Denton was quoted on late campaign changes with Mark Warner's campaign staff.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch (Oct. 1), (Waco, Texas) Tribune-Herald (Oct. 6): Denton's comments on the Warner/Warner Senatorial debate were featured.

The Washington Post (Oct. 10), Omaha World Herald (Oct. 17): Denton was quoted on the photo manipulation in Senator John Warner's ad.

The Boston Globe Magazine (Oct. 27): Marshall Fishwick, communication studies and humanities professor, commented on the Internet and communication skills.

MSNBC (Oct. 28), Richmond Times-Dispatch (Oct. 29): Robert Denton's remarks on Perot's visit to Virginia Tech received coverage.

Public Administration Review (Sept./Oct. 1996): The Center for Public Affairs and Policy (CPAP) faculty and student scholarly productivity ranked in the top five of 220 member schools of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration. The study used publications in 11top journals in the field between 1986 and 1993 for the assessment. The CPAP faculty ranked fifth in overall productivity and third when the size of the faculty was considered. Graduate students of the center ranked second in the number of publications in these journals. CPAP professor and former director, Charles Goodsell, was among the top five scholars nationally with publications in these journals.

Mutual Radio (Oct. 29): Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Professor James Marchman discussed the physics of jet contrails on "Why is It?", a daily radio program produced by AAAS.

Chesapeake Bay Journal (Nov. 1996): Clifford Randall, professor of civil engineering, was included in an article on his receiving the Mathias Medal from the Chesapeake Bay Executive Council for his outstanding contributions to bay-restoration efforts.

The Virginia Engineer (Nov. 1996): An article featured work done by four civil engineering graduate students-Steve Brauner, Vickie Burris, Sudhir Murthy, and Steve Starbuck-to help establish a sanitary drinking water and a septic system in a Bolivian village.

The Virginia Engineer (Nov. 1996): General Motor's selection of the Systems Engineering Process course, taught by Systems Engineering Graduate Program Chairman Benjamin Blanchard, was highlighted as one of three courses nation wide to be included in the company's corporate strategy.

The Washington Post (Nov. 3): Robert Denton's remarks on the Warner/Warner Senate race were included in an article.

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Nov. 7): Denton was interviewed on poor voter turnout.

(Richmond) WCVE-TV (Nov. 15): Denton was a guest analyst on "Virginia Currents" discussing athletes and problems at Virginia Tech.

The Baltimore Afro-American (Nov. 16): Hayward Farrar, a history professor, was featured in a column about a paper called "And Justice for All-The Struggles for Racial Equity in Criminal Justice in Baltimore 1930-70" that he presented in a conference session on Justice and the Courts.

(Cincinnati) WCPO-TV (Nov. 20): Associate Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science Professor Carole Cramer was featured in a story about using a protein produced in transgenic tobacco to treat Gaucher's Disease.

Christian Science Monitor (Nov. 26): Marshall Fishwick was quoted in a story about the "Dick and Jane" series used in early elementary school.

New York Times (Nov. 27): Karen Torgersen's story on early admissions was featured.

ASEE Prism (Dec. 1996): Kenneth Reifsnider, professor of engineering science and mechanics, was cited for his appointment as associate provost for interdisciplinary programs in research and graduate studies, and John Casali, professor of industrial and systems engineering (ISE), for his appointment as ISE department head.

Virginia News Network (Dec. 2): Food Science and Technology Professor Norm Marriott was quoted in a story about new meat-inspection guidelines.

Virginia News Network (Dec. 3): Agriculture and Applied Economics Professor Wayne Purcell discussed Virginia's 1996 corn harvest.

Richmond Times-Dispatch, (Newport News) Daily Press, Associated Press, (Richmond) WTVR-TV, Virginia News Network (Dec. 4): Carole Cramer was featured in several articles derived from her key-note speech at the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation's annual meeting. Cramer described the potential of using transgenic tobacco to produce hard-to-obtain pharmaceuticals.

Charlottesville Daily Progress, Associated Press (Dec.5): Horticulture Professor Richard P. Marini was quoted in an article concerning a federal proposal to require pasteurization of apple cider.

Science Technology Network (Nov.): Vice Provost for Outreach Frederick Krimgold discussed earthquake search-and-rescue techniques, and Associate Wood Science and Forest Products Professor Dan Dolan demonstrated techniques for measuring wood frame structures in earthquakes. The program is distributed via satellite to East Asia.

Monitor Radio (Dec. 5): Assistant Finance, Insurance, and Business Law Professor Vijay Singal discussed the proposed Delta/Continental airlines merger.

CNBC (Dec. 7): Associate Agricultural and Applied Economics Professor Jim Pease, and Instructor Gordon Groover, were featured in a story on "cyberfarming" on SCAN, a weekly program focusing on the use of computer technology. The program will be re-broadcast on March 9, 1997.

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Dec. 19): Rick Fell, professor of entomology, was quoted in an article concerning the impact of the loss of pollinating bees due to bee mites.

(Newport News) Daily Press: Simone Poirier-Bures, an English professor, was the subject of part of a "Book Notes" column for her literary award for That Shining Place.

Discover (Jan. '97 issue): In its "Top 100 Stories of 1996" edition, the magazine carried a two-page spread on Richard Bambach, a professor in geological sciences.

(Basel, Switzerland) The Newspaper of Basel (Jan. '97): Virginia Tech was featured in an article and sidebar presented by Vice President for Development and University Relations Charles Steger which described the university as a leader in technology transfer and cooperation with industry, an arrangement much needed in Basel, a chemical-industry town.

Journal of Construction Education (vol. 1, Jan. '97): From the Department of Building Construction, professors Thomas Mills and Flynn Auchey and department head Yvan Beliveau co-wrote a paper titled "The Development of a Vertically and Horizontally Integrated Undergraduate Building Construction Curriculum for the 21st Century," which was published in the journal's first issue.

Virginia News Network (Jan. 6): Horticulture Professor Rich Marini discussed the effect of recent warm weather on Virginia's orchards.

(French-language New York weekly) France-Amerique (Jan. 11): An article about Ph.D. graduate Martial Haeffelin appeared describing his defense of two doctorates: one from Virginia Tech in mechanical engineering(radiation sciences), and one from the Université de Lille (France) in atmospheric physics. The article appeared with a photo of Haeffelin, his committee, and his father who traveled from France. Martial's defense was the first at Virginia Tech conducted by French rules-that is, open to all.

(Seattle, WA) KOMO-TV, (Portland, Oregon) KGW-TV (week of Jan. 13): Virginia Cooperative Extension's "After a Disaster" web page was included with the stations' own web pages on the western floods.

Cable Channel MSNBC (Jan. 17): In a web-page article on the Mobile and Portable Radio Group, Director Ted Rappaport's work on wireless communications was featured.