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Spectrum Volume 19 Issue 19 - February 6, 1997


Building Stone Quarryman (6790P) Physical Plant. Normal Starting Pay:$14,989 (Grade 4). Two F.T.P.'s Work schedule: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Position ends6-30-97, renewed yearly. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Computer Systems Engineer (4533J) Aerospace and Ocean Engineering.Normal Starting Pay: $36,535 (Grade 14). F.T.P., renewed yearly. ApplicationDeadline: Feb. 7.

Computer Systems Engineer (1894S) Computer Science. Normal Starting Pay:$18,267 (Grade 14). P.T.P. for 20 hours per week. Position ends 6-30-97, may beextended. Work schedule to be determined. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Executive Secretary (455S) Theatre Arts. Normal Starting Pay: $17,913(Grade 6). F.T.P. Application deadline: Feb. 14.

Fiscal Assistant (1917P) Electric Services Utility. Normal Starting Pay:$16,386 (Grade 5). F.T.P. subject to call-in during emergency situations.Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Food Operations Assistant A (W145C) Culinary Services. Normal StartingPay: $5.52 (Grade 1). Temporary, F.T.P.'s, P.T.P.'s. Shifts vary and mayinclude day, evening, night, and weekend hours, and may include some overtimeand call-in work. Vacancies are seasonal and run from August to May. Wageemployees are restricted to working a maximum of 1,500 hours in a 365-dayperiod from date of hire. Applications will be accepted until position isfilled. Individuals with disabilities desiring accommodation in the applicationprocess may call Personnel Services, 1-5301.

Highway Equipment Operator A (223P) Physical Plant-Grounds. NormalStarting Pay: $14,989 (Grade 4). Work schedule: Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.,on call for emergency duties such as snow removal. F.T.P. Application deadline:Feb. 7.

Housekeeping Worker (1462P) Physical Plant-Housekeeping Services. NormalStarting Pay: $11,473 (Grade 1). Three F.T.P.'s. Work schedule: Monday-Friday,6 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Work area assignment and shift may be changed if necessary.Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Housekeeping Worker (128M) Residential and Dining Programs. NormalStarting Pay: $11,473 (Grade 1). F.T.P. Work schedule: 7:30 a.m.-4:30p.m., Monday-Friday. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Laboratory Technician (W022064M) Biochemistry. Normal Starting Pay:$7.21 (Grade 4). F.T.P. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Office Services Aide (W022052E) Parking Services. Normal Starting Pay:$6.03 (Grade 2). P.T.P. 30 hours per week, not to exceed 1,500 hours in a365-day period. Work schedule 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday. Applicationdeadline: Feb. 7.

Office Services Assistant (4593J) Program Development. Normal StartingPay: $14,989 (Grade 4). F.T.P. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Office Services Assistant (6557J) Scholarships and Financial Aid. NormalStarting Pay: $14,989 (Grade 4). F.T.P. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Office Services Assistant (W022063D) University Relations-WVTF. NormalStarting Pay: $7.21 (Grade 4). P.T.P. Application deadline: Feb. 21.

Office Services Specialist (1812D) University Libraries. Normal StartingPay: $16,386 (Grade 5). Two F.T.P.'s Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Office Services Specialist (1323D) University Libraries. Normal StartingPay: $16,386 (Grade 5). F.T.P. Sunday-Thursday 2-11 p.m. Application deadline:Feb. 7.

Office Services Specialist (468D) University Libraries. Normal StartingPay: $16,386 (Grade 5). F.T.P., Thursday-Saturday and Monday 1-10 p.m. andSunday 3 p.m.-midnight. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Powerline Assistant (663P) Power Plant. Normal Starting Pay: $17,913(Grade 6). F.T.P. Position maintains on-call status and is considered emergencypersonnel. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Program Support Technician Senior (W022010J) Educational Leadership andPolicy. Normal Starting Pay: $9.41 (Grade 7). P.T.P. (20 hours per week).Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Programmer (6784D) Administrative Information Systems. Normal StartingPay: $25,582-$39,940 (Grade 10). F.T.P., renewed yearly. Some independenton-site evening and weekend work will be required. Application deadline: Feb.7.

Programmer (W022065P) Controller's Office. Normal Starting Pay: $12.30(Grade 10). P.T.P. Will work 30 hours each week Monday-Friday, schedule varies.Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Programmer (6795D) Educational Technologies. Normal Starting Pay:$25,582 (Grade 10). F.T.P., renewed yearly. Application deadline: Feb. 14.

Programmer (6789D) University Libraries. Normal Starting Pay: $25,582(Grade 10). F.T.P. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Property Management Technician Normal Starting Pay: $17,913-$27,966.Virginia Tech Foundation is seeking applications for a full-time propertymanagement technician at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center. To apply,send a resume and list of three professional references to: CRC, 1872 PrattDrive, Suite 1000, Blacksburg, VA 24060. Applications will be accepted throughFebruary 14 or until the position is filled.

Radiologist Technologist (W022047G) Student Health Services. NormalStarting Pay: $9.41 (Grade 7). P.T.P. Work schedule: Saturday 9 a.m.-1 p.m.each week during academic year, prn during the week as scheduled by full-timetechnologist. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Research Specialist Senior (W022051M) Horticulture. Normal Starting Pay:$11.25 (Grade 9). P.T.P. for 20 hours per week. Travel required. Applicationdeadline: Feb. 7.

Secretary Senior (W022059D) Veterinary Medicine. Normal Starting Pay:$7.88 (Grade 5). F.T.P. Application deadline: Feb. 7.

Senior Programmer Analyst (2123D) Educational Technologies. NormalStarting Pay: $36,535 (Grade 14). F.T.P. Application deadline: Feb. 14.

Special Events Manager (Special Events Coordinator Senior) (6782D)University Relations. Normal Starting Pay: $30,572 (Grade 12). F.T.P.Application deadline: Feb. 21.


Applicants interested in these positions should visit the Personnel ServicesOffice to review the job ad.

Secretary (6792). Position location: Washington Country. Apply To: PhilBlevins, 468 East Main Street, Suite 114, Abingdon, VA 24210. F.T.P.Application Deadline: Feb. 7.

Secretary Senior (5473). Position location: Henrico County. Apply To:Charles Curry, Henrico County Extension, 8600 Dixon Powers Drive, Box 27032,Richmond, VA 23273. F.T.P. Application Deadline: Feb. 7.

Secretary Senior (5331). Position location: Frederick County. Apply To:Gary DeOms, Frederick County Extension, 20 North Loudoun Street, Old FrederickCounty Courthouse, Winchester, VA 22601-4716. F.T.P. Application Deadline: Feb.7.



Center for Intelligent Material Systems and Structures (CIMSS) andDepartment of Mechanical Engineering. Director of the Center for IntelligentMaterial Systems and Structures. Responsibilities include development andcontinuation of a nationally recognized research program and a strongcommitment to excellence in educational programs. CIMSS is a multi-disciplinarycollege research and educational center. Sponsored research has averaged over$1 million annually, placing the center in the top three of its peer groups inmechanical engineering. The center is currently housed in an off-campus leasedfacility and will relocate to the new engineering building on campus inmid-1997. The administrative unit at CIMSS includes a well-established graphicsfacility and professional graphics staff. CIMSS is well-known for itsstate-of-the-art research, as well as for its innovative educational programs.The director, as a senior tenure-track faculty member in mechanicalengineering, reports to the department head and is responsible for thetechnical leadership and administration of the center. These responsibilitiesinclude strategic planning; research direction assessment and development;allocation and administration of resources; appointment, development, andevaluation of the faculty and support staff; advancement of the center'sreputation within the university and among the academic and professionalcommunities across the state, the nation, and around the world; and pursuit offinancial support for both new and existing programs. The successful candidatemust have a Ph.D. in engineering, a strong research background in intelligentor adaptive material systems and structures, an established funding record, anational reputation based on scholarly achievement, and an interest ininterdisciplinary efforts associated with emerging technologies. The candidateshould be capable of assuming a leadership role in research and functioning asa liaison with industry, and should have experience leading and managing adiverse organization. The abilities to articulate a vision for the center andfunction as a member of a team are essential. Superior interpersonal andcommunications skills are required. Letters of intent should include acurriculum vita and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of at leastthree professional references. Review of applications began February 1;however, nominations and applications may be received until a candidate isappointed. Correspondence should be addressed to: Dr. Walter F. O'Brien,Department Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech,Blacksburg, VA 24061-0238.


Department of Physics. Postdoctoral Position/Research Associate.Applications are solicited for a research associate position with thetheoretical high-energy physics group at Virginia Tech. The successfulcandidate will take up the position beginning Aug. 16, 1997. The group atVirginia Tech consists of four faculty members in theory, L.N. Chang, T.Takeuchi, and C.H. Tze. There are also eight faculty members inhigh-energy/intermediate-energy experiments: A. Abashian, M. Blecher, J.Ficenec, D. Jenkins, K. Kinoshita, L. Mo, M. Pitt, and L. Piilonen, withprojects at Bates, Brookhaven, CERN, CESR, CEBAF, DESY, and KEK. Interestsinclude precision tests of the standard model, grand unification theories,duality, and neutrino astrophysics. The appointment will be for two years withpossibilities of an extension, depending upon available funding. Deliberationsfor filling the position will begin February 15. Please send letter of interestand three recommendation letters to Debbie Cruise, Physics Department, VirginiaTech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0435. These may also be sent todebbiec@vt.edu.

Department of Wood Science and Forest Products. ResearchAssociate/Operations Manager. For Center for Forest Products Marketing andManagement. The operations manager will work closely with center facultymembers to facilitate the day-to-day operations of the center. He/she willorganize, coordinate, and direct communications with current and potentialmembers, including newsletters, semi-annual reports, and other center products.The successful candidate will develop and implement programs to raise revenues,identify and pursue opportunities to expand center programs (includingstrategic partnerships, scholarships, and internships), and participate instudent-recruitment activities. The operations manager will develop andimplement a marketing program that includes a scholarship-development plan andmembership-marketing plan. In addition, he/she will develop and implement aconstituent-research program to ensure that the center is aware of and isaddressing the needs of its constituents. The salary range for the position is$25,000 to $35,000 per year, and the position will be subject to annualre-appointment. A starting date of June 1 is desired, but is negotiable.Success in this position will require strong communication, writing, andfund-raising skills. Familiarity with forest products is required. Sales,marketing, and/or trade association experience is desirable. A B.S. in forestproducts or related field is required; a master's degree is desirable.Interested and qualified individuals should apply before April 15 by forwardinga letter of application, resume, transcripts, and names of three references to:Dr. Geza Ifju, Head, Department of Wood Science and Forest Products, VirginiaTech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0323. Questions can be directed to Dr. Robert Bush,Director, Center for Forest Products Marketing and Management,1-8834 or Dr.Geza Ifju, 1-8853.