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Board approves zero tuition increase

By David Nutter

Spectrum Volume 19 Issue 22 - February 28, 1997

For the second straight year, tuition at Virginia Tech for in-state undergraduate students for the coming 1997-98 school year will remain the same.

In compliance with language in the 1997 Appropriations Act, the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors Monday approved a zero-percent increase in tuition for Virginia residents. Together with a slight increase in the comprehensive fee and room charges for students who live on campus, the cost to an in-state student living in the residence halls would rise by only 2.5 percent.

This marks the third-year that in-state undergraduates at Virginia Tech will pay $3,500 for one year's tuition. Together with a $16 increase in the mandatory comprehensive fee all students pay, undergraduate Virginia residents will pay $4,147 to attend the university.

University officials said that while Virginia Tech has been successful in holding down the cost for in-state students, because of additional costs being passed on to the university, out-of-state students will see a tuition increase of 3.1 percent for the coming year.

"The 1997-98 General Assembly is requiring that institutions assume several additional costs which were previously covered by the General Fund," said Minnis Ridenour, executive vice president. "These costs include a portion of the annualization of the Dec. 1, 1995, salary increase and the annualization of the Dec. 1, 1996, increase for the classified staff. In addition, the university will be required to fund a portion of the Dec. 1, 1997, classified salary increase."

Combined with the mandatory comprehensive fee, out-of-state undergraduate students will pay $11,111 for the coming year, up $328 from last year. Overall, this represents a 3-percent increase for non-Virginia residents.

Costs for room and board will also be affected. Board charges will remain the same for the coming year. Based on a 19-meals-a-week plan, board costs will hold at $1,852 per year. However, room charges will increase by $170, rising to $1,568 per year.

Based on these charges, the costs to Virginia undergraduate residents living on campus will rise a total of 2.5 percent, totaling $7,567. The cost to non-resident undergraduate students living on campus will increase 3.5 percent, totaling $14,531 a year.

The costs to graduate students will mirror those of the undergraduates. For Virginia resident graduate students, the cost of tuition will not increase for the coming year. Combined with the comprehensive fee, Virginia resident graduate students will pay $4,769 per year. Non-resident graduate-students' costs will increase 3.1 percent, rising to $7,199 per year.