Spectrum - Volume 19 Issue 26 April 3, 1997 - VIRGINIA TECH 1997 OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARDS

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Spectrum Volume 19 Issue 26 - April 3, 1997

NAME: Rebecca J. Cutright

COLLEGE: Agriculture and Life Sciences

MAJOR: Horticulture Science


"Rebecca demonstrates an absolute dedication to what she does. Through her research, she has come to the realization that research and education is her life's work experience and personal mission. Rebecca is also extremely people-oriented and has a desire to give service to others, especially on an international level, through her work."

Alan McDaniel, assistant professor of horticulture and Cutright's academic advisor

NAME: Diane Beckley Miller

COLLEGE: Architecture and Urban Studies

MAJOR: Architecture


"As one of (Diane's) past instructors, I know that she is articulate, bright and mature. Her professional manner is laced with good humor and other students enjoy working with her. Many practitioners in the Roanoke/Blacksburg area appreciate her enthusiasm, commitment to the profession, and excellent communication between the academic and professional worlds"

Jack Davis, professor and chair, Professional Program CAUS.

NAME: Bryan Lee McDonald

COLLEGE: Arts and Sciences

MAJOR: English

HOMETOWN: Glen Allen

"He concerns himself with the well-being of students he is currently working with in the most delightful manner. He cares about their development without sacrifice of the things he wishes them to know. Bryan's concern for ideas reflects both the energy of youth and a maturity beyond his years. He is a serious scholar."

Jack Dudley, director, University Honors Program

NAME: Charles P. Koerber

COLLEGE: Pamplin College of Business

MAJOR: Accounting

HOMETOWN: Springfield

"Chuck Koerber is a focused young man who sets goals and plans his activities to achieve those goals. Using his God-given abilities, he has committed himself to excellence and he has attained his goal. He is a leader who has the intellectual capacity to achieve. Also, he has chosen to affiliate with organizations that go out and help other people in the community. His success in academics, in leadership, in community service, and in the Corps of Cadets all mark him as an outstanding person."

Sam Hicks, associate professor of accounting, Pamplin College of Business

NAME: John Benjamin Kronebusch

COLLEGE: Engineering

MAJOR: Aerospace Engineering

HOMETOWN: Woodbridge

"`Joben' is an outstanding student, an exemplary citizen of the department, college, and university, and a truly delightful young man to know. He has always been ready to help other students with their academic work and to go the extra mile in his course or projects when asked. I have simply never met a more polite, mature, and reliable student in my almost 30 years at Virginia Tech."

Jim Marchman, Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

NAME: Nicole Robitaille

COLLEGE: Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

MAJOR: Wood Science and Forest Products

HOMETOWN: Sykesville, MD

"Nicole Robitaille has consistently excelled as a student at Virginia Tech. (She) has strong social and interpersonal skills, combined with academic excellence and a willingness to work hard. Her interactions with the adhesives industry have resulted in an unprecedented national exposure for wood-science students. I am particularly proud and happy to have worked with her."

Charles E. Frazier, assistant professor of wood science and forest products

NAME: Michelle Smith

COLLEGE: Human Resources and Education

MAJOR: Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise

HOMETOWN: Glen Burnie, MD

"Michelle is an outstanding student in every way. She is naturally gifted academically, but also uses her skills and talents in practical ways. This semester, in her field study, she is working with clients in free clinics and kids in Head Start on nutrition education. Michelle is responsible, active, enthusiastic, and involved. She adds a lot to any discussion she participates in, or endeavor she undertakes."

Mary Ann Novascone, faculty member in human nutrition, foods, and exercise in the College of Human Resources and Education

NAME: Rebecca Deaner Rose

COLLEGE: College of Veterinary Medicine

MAJOR: Veterinary Medicine


"Rebecca Rose is the recipient of two prestigious scholarships to date-the James M. Stephens Endowed Scholarship and the Ruth S. Flemming Scholarship. She is ranked second in her class and is an outstanding clinician in small-animal private practices associated with the college. Rebecca demonstrates outstanding clinical proficiency."

James Blair Meldrum, associate dean, College of Veterinary Medicine