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Spectrum Volume 19 Issue 29 - April 24, 1997

Promotion With Tenure to

Associate Professor

John C. Anderson, accounting; Peter M. Athanas, electrical engineering; Elizabeth Bounds, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies; Clint W. Coakley, statistics; Frank D. Conforti, human nutrition, foods and exercise; George M. Filz, civil engineering; Robert P. Gilles, economics; Matthias Heinkenschloss, mathematics; Richard F. Helm, wood science and forest products; Deidre A. Hirschfeld, engineering fundamentals; Steven D. Holladay, biomedical science and pathobiology; Wendy R. Jacobson, landscape architecture; Scott W. Johnson, family and child development; Larry A. Lawrence, animal/poultry sciences; D. Jordan Lowe, accounting; Guo-Quan Lu, materials science and engineering; Matthew P. McAllister, communication studies; Marie Wall Paget, architecture; Robert S. Pleasant, large-animal clinical sciences; Jeffrey H. Reed, electrical engineering; Esther G. Richey, English; Karen H. Rosen, family and child development; Brenda W. Shirley, biology; Stephen A. Smith, biomedical science and pathobiology; Shu-Ming Sun, mathematics; Steven R. Thompson, architecture; Anbo Wang, electrical engineering.

Promotion to Professor

Gregory T. Adel, mining and minerals engineering; Jacqueline E. Bixler, foreign languages and literatures; John O. Browder, urban affairs and planning; Carole L. Cramer, plant pathology, physiology, and weed science; John W. Grant, engineering science and mechanics; Hans H. Haller, economics; Alan G. Heath, biology; Michael F. Hochella Jr., geological sciences; Kent A. Holliday, music; Michael D. Hughes, sociology; Janet Johnson, human nutrition, foods and exercise; Russell T. Jones, psychology; Dennis G. Kafura, computer science; Gregory S. Lewis, animal/poultry sciences; Gerald H. Luttrell, mining and minerals engineering; Joseph L. Mashburn, architecture; Deborah G. Mayo, philosophy; James R. McKenna, crop and soil environmental sciences; Prakash Nagarkatti, biology; Felice N. Proctor, theatre arts; Lucinda H. Roy, English; Joseph L. Scarpaci Jr., urban affairs and planning; Beate Schmittmann, physics; Robert P. Schubert, architecture; Robert M. Shaffer, forestry; Donald J. Shoemaker, sociology; Claire Cole Vaught, educational leadership and policy studies; William H. Velander, chemical engineering; Doris J. Zallen, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Promotion to Associate Professor

Alan R. McDaniel, horticulture.


C. Theodore Koebel, urban affairs and planning; Susan Piedmont-Palladino, architecture.

Extra-Collegiate Faculty

Continued Appointments

James R. Gardner, Virginia Cooperative Extension; Patricia Murphy, University Libraries; Leslie O'Brien, University Libraries.

Extra-Collegiate Faculty Promotion to Professor

R. Michael Chandler, Virginia Cooperative Extension

Extra-Collegiate Faculty Promotion to Associate Professor

William F. Murphy, Extension program development.

Promotion from Extension Agent to

Senior Agent

Kathryn W. Burruss, FCS, Northern district; Beverly S. Butterfield, FCS, Northern district; Charles K. Curry, ANR, Northeast district; David R. Danner, ANR, Southwest district; S. Joe Fariss, ANR, Central district; Joseph B. Hoffenberger, 4-H, Southeast district; James A. Myers, ANR, Central district; Lester A. Ritenour, 4-H, Northwest district; Doris C. Trant, FCS, Northwest district; William H. Whittle Jr., ANR, Northwest district.

Extra-Collegiate Faculty Promotion with Continued Appointment to

Assistant Professor

Mary Hansbrough, University Libraries; Tamara Kennelly, University Libraries; John Stemmer, University Libraries.