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Campus traffic information updated

Spectrum Volume 19 Issue 31 - May 22, 1997

F. Spencer Hall, assistant vice president for facilities, has provided the following information regarding traffic disruption on campus:

"This summer we will be closing several roads on campus for various lengths of time to run utilities for the many capital-construction projects. We regret this disruption and inconvenience to the campus community and will try to minimize the period of time that the roadway is closed. I have listed below the planned excavations, approximate dates, and what precipitates the work. An additional bit of good news, however, is that the Spring Road construction will be completed this summer, and a new and realigned Spring Road connecting Southgate Drive with Washington Street will be open in the fall.

* Washington Street West of West Campus Drive--May 12 through August 15. This work involves the installation of a "walk-through" section of steam tunnel underneath Washington Street southward to serve the Health and Fitness facility.

* Washington Street East of West Campus Drive--June 21 and 22. This piece is the extension of the domestic water and fire-protection services to the health-and-fitness facility. The water-line installation is scheduled over a weekend and will be accomplished using extended work hours to facilitate minimum campus traffic disruption. Both sides of Washington (East and West) at the intersection of West Campus Drive will be closed during this scheduled weekend.

* Southgate Drive West of Tech Center Drive--May 16, 17, and 18. This work is to install conduit for future high-voltage distribution circuitry which will be required for extension of services into the south campus area. This work is being scheduled at this time in coordination with the realignment of Spring Road.

* Drill Field Road at West Eggleston--June 9 through June 23. This project extends sanitary-sewer service to the two residence halls being built south of Payne Hall. Due to the depth of excavation and installation of the sanitary sewer piping, it will be impractical to work half of the road at one time necessitating road closure long enough to extend the sewer line across the roadway.

* Barger Street Behind the Power Plant--All summer. This road closure is in conjunction with the erection of boiler #11. The roadway area is being used as lay-down and construction-staging area for the various contractors involved in the boiler-construction project, which is not scheduled for total completion until Spring '98.

* Turner Street Between Power Plant and the Upper Quad--Indefinite date. This road closure is in conjunction with roofing projects at the Power Plant and the Military Building. Road closure will be required to hoist roofing materials to the working level, but road closure will be minimized.