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Spectrum Volume 20 Issue 05 - September 25, 1997


Thursday, 25

Bloodmobile, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Squires Commonwealth Ballroom.

Fish Fry, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., Drillfield: By Nikki Giovanni's Harlem Renaissance class.

YMCA Slide Show, 12:10 p.m., Cranwell Center: "National Parks in the Pacific Northwest," by Beth Thomas.

Science Study Center Discussion, 12:30 p.m., 132 Lane: "Faculty Concerns at Virginia Tech," by Skip Fuhrman.

CEUT Faculty Forum, 3:30-5:30 p.m., Hillcrest conference room: "GTA Program Supervision."

Art/Architecture Video Series, 7 p.m., Hancock auditorium: "Roman City."

Rosenberg Lecture, 7 p.m., Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center: "Advantaged Minority; Disadvantaged Majority? Jews and Women in Germany Today," by Susan Stern, University of Frankfurt, Germany.

Women's Center Event, 7:30 p.m., Women's Center: "How to Be an Effective Activist," panel discussion.

TAUT Production, 8 p.m., Squires Studio Theatre: "Godspell." Through October 4.

Friday, 26

Educational Technologies Workshop, 9-10:30 a.m., location TBA: "Remote Control of Networked Computers: Timbuktu."

International Coffee Hour, 5-7 p.m., Cranwell Center: "Healers, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Prospects for HIV/AIDS Prevention in Tanzania," by Charles Good.

VTU Film, 7 p.m., Squires Colonial, "Lost Highway" (second show at 9:30 p.m.).

TAUT Production, 8 p.m., Squires Studio Theatre: "Godspell."

Student Recital, 8 p.m., Squires Recital Salon: Daniel Talamantes, voice and Mark Greeley, clarinet.

Midnight VTU Film, Squires Colonial: "Wild at Heart."

Saturday, 27

VTMNH Activity, Natural History Museum: "Science Saturday."

YMCA Hike, 9 a.m., meet at Y parking lot: Rock Castle Gorge (very difficult).

Football, 1 p.m., Lane Stadium: Arkansas State.

TAUT Production, 2 p.m., Squires Studio Theatre: "Godspell."

VTU Film, 7 p.m., Squires Colonial: "Lost Highway" (second show at 9:30 p.m.).

Music Department Recital, 8 p.m., Squires Recital Salon: David Jacobsen, saxophone.

TAUT Production, 8 p.m., Squires Studio Theatre: "Godspell."

Midnight VTU Film, Squires Colonial: "Wild at Heart."

Sunday, 28

TAUT Production, 2 p.m., Squires Studio Theatre: "Godspell."

Student Recital, 3 p.m., Squires Recital Salon: James Eggleston, voice.

TAUT Production, 8 p.m., Squires Studio Theatre: "Godspell."

Monday, 29

VTU Lively Arts Program, 7:30 p.m., Burruss auditorium: "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."

Tuesday, 30

125th Anniversary Event, 1 p.m., Craig County: Commemorative walk begins at the Add Caldwell homeplace.

CEUT Development Group, 4-5:30 p.m., Hillcrest conference room: "Teaching Portfolios."

English Department Visiting Writers Series, 7 p.m., Volume II Bookstore: Ellen Bryant Voight, poetry.

TAUT Production, 8 p.m., Squires Studio Theatre: "Godspell."


Wednesday, 1

Salary and Wage Paydate.

Rosh Hashanah Begins (sundown).

YMCA "Mornings," 9:30-11:30 a.m., Luther Lutheran Church: A visit to a local site.

125th Anniversary Event, 10 a.m., Craig County: Historical marker unveiling, intersection of Routes 42 and 625.

Educational Technologies Workshop, 2-5 p.m., New Media Center, Newman Library: "Imaging Techniques with Photoshop."

125th Anniversary Event, 4 p.m., Drillfield between Drillfield Drive and West Campus Drive: Commemorative walk ends, 125th Anniversary Grove Dedication/Reception.

"With Good Reason," 7 p.m., WVTF-FM: "Who's Minding the Kids?: Child-care Issues in Virginia," with Doris Martin, JMU; Robert Pianta, UVa.; and John Nezlek, William and Mary.

TAUT Production, 8 p.m., Squires Studio Theatre: "Godspell."

Thursday, 2

Rosh Hashanah.

Higher Education Conference, 8 a.m. Hotel Roanoke.

YMCA Slide Show, 12:10 p.m., Cranwell Center: "Touring through Western Virginia's History," by Su Clauson-Wicker.

Science Study Center Discussion, 12:30 p.m., 132 Lane: "Things are Fine in Blacksburg--Why All the Talk about Distance Learning?" by Bruce Chaloux.

Educational Technologies Workshop, 2-5 p.m., New Media Center, Newman Library: "Introduction to Acrobat."

125th Anniversary Event, 7:30 p.m., 100/102 Vet Med: New Horizons in Veterinary Medicine, "Cell-Mediated Immunity in Virus Infections," by Peter Doherty, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

TAUT Production, 8 p.m., Squires Studio Theatre: "Godspell."


Thursday, 25

Intercollegiate Optics/Communications, 3:30 p.m., 654 Whittemore: "Modeling and Characterization of Nonlinearities in Communication Systems," by Maite Brandt-Pearce, UVa.

Statistics, 3:45 p.m., 409 Hutcheson: "Smoothed Survival Curves with ConFit," by Donald E. Ramirez.

Friday, 26

MCBB, noon, Fralin auditorium: "Co-expression of Multiple Transgenes: Assembly and Secretion of Recombinant Human Fibrinogen by the Mammary Gland," by Bill Velander.

Biology/Geological Sciences, 3 p.m., 30 Pamplin: "Shifting Shorelines and Rising Sea Levels: Do Engineers Know What to Do about Them?" by Orrin Pilkey, Duke.

Botany, 4 p.m., 1076 Derring: "The Road Warriors: Corridor Use by the Red Imported Fire Ant," by Jody Stiles.


Wednesday, 1

Water Science, noon, 108 Seitz Hall: "What's the Relationship between Watersheds and Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL's)?" by Donald L. Wells, National Association of Conservation Districts.

Science Study Center, 4 p.m., 132 Lane: open/TBA.


Faculty Women's Club Welcome Tea planned

The members of the Virginia Tech Faculty Women's Club will begin their program for 1997-1998 by sponsoring a Welcome Tea for new and prospective members. The tea will be held on Thursday, Oct. 2, from noon until 2 p.m. at the Grove, home of Virginia Tech President and Mrs. Paul Torgersen.

The purpose of the club is to provide social and intellectual activities for its members, to promote the university, and to offer opportunities for certain scholarships to Virginia Tech students.

Membership in the club is open to women and wives of administration, instructional, research, and Extension faculty and staff members. The same membership is offered to wives or widows of retired faculty and staff members, and to mothers and mothers-in-law of faculty and staff members. Membership is also offered to women who have previously satisfied eligibility.

New and prospective members are cordially invited to attend the tea. For more information, please call 552-8844.

STS Lunch Discussions offered

The Center for the Study of Science in Society is offering a series of STS Lunch Discussions this fall under the theme "What's Going on at Virginia Tech?" These will be held Thursdays 12:30-1:30 p.m. in 132 Lane. Ongoing for nearly 20 years, this series contributes to intellectual life at Virginia Tech by offering short presentations and discussions on a range of topics related to science, technology, and society.

At issue are social and conceptual dimensions of science and technology, simultaneously and in historical perspective. This semester the series explores features of fundamental changes in the organization, meaning, and cultural significance of a research university.

September 25 "Faculty Concerns at Virginia Tech" Skip Fuhrman, professor of sociology and STS and president, Faculty Senate; October 2 "Things are Fine in Blacksburg--Why All the Talk about Distance Learning?" Bruce Chaloux, associate dean, Graduate School; October 9 "Virginia Tech Online: Cyberschool, Cybercore, and an Online Master's Program" Tim Luke, professor of political science and co-coordinator, Cyberschool; October 16 "Who's Rich, Who's Poor? Measuring the College of Arts and Sciences. George Crofts, associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences; October 30 "What Does a Corporate Research Center have to Do with a University, Anyway? Joe Meredith, president, Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center; November 13 "Teaching in a Two-way Video Environment: Extending the Walls of the Campus Classroom" Barbara Lockee, program developer, Distance Learning (Note: to be held in 281 Whittemore--a distance-learning classroom); November 20 Topic TBA. John Carroll, professor and department head, Computer Science; December 4 "What's the HBCU Initiative All About?" Pat Hyer, associate provost.

Virginia Tech/UVa seminar series organized

A new seminar, called the "Intercollegiate Optics and Communications Seminar," has recently been organized. It is a joint seminar between Virginia Tech and UVa in the general area of fiber optic communication systems and applications in related fields. The first meeting was held on September 11 at UVa with Professor Ira Jacobs, electrical engineering, speaking. The seminar will meet every other week, alternating between Blacksburg and Charlottesville, with the speaker coming from the guest institution. It will meet in Blacksburg this semester on September 25, October 23, and December 4 and in Charlottesville on October 9 and November 6.

The speaker for next week's seminar will be Maite Brandt-Pearce, electrical engineering, UVa, and she will speak on "Modeling and Characterization of Nonlinearities in Communication Systems." The seminar will be held at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 25, in 654 Whittemore. Refreshments will be served at 3 p.m.

For further information contact Ken Shaw, mathematics, at 1-3264, shaw@math.vt.edu.

Children's exhibit on display at Wallace Gallery

"EarthCare: Kids at Work," a collection of children's artistic expression using recycled materials, is on display through September 26 in the Wallace Hall gallery. The exhibit is sponsored by the Virginia Tech Child Development Lab School, the New River Valley Association for the Education of Young Children, and the Blue Door Creative Re-Use Center.

The exhibiting artists range in age from infants through middle school. All works are made from recycled materials, and include color collages, wind chimes made of computer microcircuitry, hand-made paper, and African masks.

Blood donors urgently needed

The American Red Cross is in a national-emergency blood status. The campus drive will be Thursday, Sept. 25 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. in Squires Commonwealth Ballroom.

Parking Services offers parking tips

The last day to purchase a parking permit by payroll deduction is September 30. Purchasers after this date will pay the total cost of the permit in full at the time of purchase at the Visitor Information Center on Southgate Drive. The method of payment can be cash or check, charge cards cannot be accepted. The visitor center is open from 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Parking is not allowed in the following areas after 5 p.m. on the evening before a home varsity football game: Stadium lot (off Southgate Drive and Spring Road);West Stadium lot (west of the Stadium lot off Southgate Drive); Litton Reaves lot (off Washington Street and Duck Pond Lane); Coliseum lot (off Washington Street and Spring Road); Maintenance lot (east of the Stadium lot); Rear of Jamerson Athletic Center; Spring Road; Stadium Road.

Vehicles parked in these areas after 5 p.m. on the evening before a home varsity football game will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. Faculty and staff members who choose to do so may park in student parking areas. Overnight parking arrangements should be made with Parking Services before parking overnight.

For more information, call Parking Services at 1-3200.

Saving trees benefits builders

As the competition for new homebuyers increases, enterprising builders and developers have discovered that they can increase sales in their new developments by incorporating the natural features and trees on site into their design.

A one-day workshop October 21 at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel, Harrisonburg, will cover the benefits to be gained from preserving natural resources--from affecting the decisions of new homebuyers to aiding in securing approval during the plan review. "Builders/Citizens/Benefit by Building With Trees" is intended for developers, planners, architects, engineers, and landscape designers.

The workshop is sponsored by the Virginia Urban Forest Council and the College of Forestry and Wildlife Resources at Virginia Tech. The registration fee is $55 until September 29. After that date, the fee is $70. On-site registration is $80.

Additional information is available on the Internet at http://www.hort.vt.edu/VUFC, or by calling Kathy Sevebeck, 1-5411.

DERC announces training programs schedule

The Department of Employee Relations Counselors (DERC) has developed training programs on the grievance procedure, conflict management and mediation skills. They are also conducting Grievance Procedure Training for Non-Supervisory Personnel. The following is the training schedule for October through December.

Responding to Employee Grievances; Solve it Together: Introduction to Conflict Resolution Skills; and The Grievance Procedure and You will be conducted in Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Suffolk. Other programs, such as, Presenting your Case at Hearing and Solve it Together: Mediation Techniques are offered in Richmond. Individuals interested in one of the classes should contact Personnel Services at 1-9331 for the date, time, location, and the registration form. To register for one of the scheduled classes, the training registration form should be completed and returned to DERC as soon as possible.

Because class size is limited and demand is greater than available spaces, participants may be charged a "no-show" fee of $20. Cancellations will be honored up until three days before class.

Responding to Employee Grievances; Solve it Together: Introduction to Conflict Resolution Skills; The Grievance Procedure and You are provided at no cost to your department or the individual. However, there is a charge of $65 per person for the Solve it Together: Mediation Techniques . Mediation Training and Advanced Mediation Training are not offered this fall.

"Battered Beauty" exhibit opens at Women's Center

The Darcy Meeker exhibit, "Battered Beauty," opens at the Women's Center located in Price House on October 2 and runs through October 30 (Sexual Assault Awareness Month). The exhibit will feature "Healing Woman," carved by Meeker, who at one time was a battered woman. The artwork embraces of the idea of using art to transform one's emotions into beauty and sharing.

The exhibit will be on display at the Women's Center, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Meeker will give a lecture/presentation on Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. in the Women's Center conference room. The events are free. For more information contact Holly Sowell, 1-7806.