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Spectrum Volume 20 Issue 08 - October 16, 1997

I would like to respond to Jim Marchman's letter to the editor which appeared in the September 11 issue of Spectrum. First of all, Dr. Marchman should know that the F/S sticker does, in fact, allow him to park in any of the C/G spaces. The relevant passage in the Virginia Tech parking regulations reads as follows: "FACULTY/STAFF: This permit allows parking in any legal parking area on campus not restricted by signs (e.g., visitor spaces, service-vehicle areas, Admissions areas, the right side of the Donaldson Brown Hotel (DBH) Lot, teaching-assistant spaces, etc.)." I'd like to point out that my C/G parking pass gives me no such privilege. I would happily trade my parking pass with Dr. Marchman if for no other reason than that it would allow me to park for longer than 45 minutes near the area of campus I use most often. This is the area which includes the library, the bookstore, and the student center. Does anyone else find it odd that there is no student parking near the student center? As a final note, I'd like to ask Dr. Marchman why he chose Spectrum as the forum to air his views about the parking situation here at Virginia Tech. It seems to me that a person who wished to chastise students might have chosen the CT rather than a newspaper which is read almost entirely by other faculty and staff members.
Michelle Bodine, graduate student, CHRE