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Health Insurance Membership Change Period

Spectrum Volume 20 Issue 10 - October 30, 1997

Between Nov. 1 and Dec. 1, 1997, you may only add or drop dependents from your health-insurance plan (with an effective date of Jan. 1, 1998) by calling KATY, (automated benefits and enrollment system) at 1-800-539-7675. You may request a paper application by calling 1-3781 or 1-7779.
During this time frame you will not be allowed to change plans or add/drop optional benefits.
Your opportunity to change health-insurance plans and/or add optional benefits under Key Advantage will be during the next open enrollment in April, 1998 with an effective date of July 1, 1998.
To leave your type of membership the way it is, do nothing.
Flexible Reimbursement Accounts allow you to set aside part of your pay each pay period on a pretax basis to cover eligible medical and/or dependent care expenses.
The enrollment period for one or both of these accounts is between Nov. 1 and Dec. 1, 1997 with an effective date of Jan. 1, 1998 through Dec. 31, 1998 by calling KATY (1-800-539-7675). Paper applications are available by calling 1-3781 or 1-7779.
To continue current participation in this program it is necessary to re-enroll during the above period.
Note: An issue of Spotlight 97 will be sent to your home address and a mailing from our Benefits Office will be sent to your work address giving in-depth information on the above programs.
Questions or comments may be directed to the Benefits staff, Southgate Center, 1-3781 or 1-7779. E-Mail: dslewis@vt.edu or hwebster@vt.edu; web site: http://www.ps.vt.edu.