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Professional secretaries active on campus

Spectrum Volume 20 Issue 10 - October 30, 1997

For those who have wondered what CPS after a secretary's name means, the initials stand for certified professional secretary, which is the registered service mark for the rating that has become the internationally recognized standard of secretarial proficiency.
Since the first CPS examination in 1951, more than 42,000 secretaries have achieved the CPS rating. To attain this certification, secretaries must meet certain educational and work-experience requirements and pass a three-part, one-day examination. The examination is administered the first Saturday in May and November by the Institute for Certification, a department of Professional Secretaries International. Although advantageous, membership in PSI is not required to become a CPS holder. The CPS examination covers finance and business law (economics, accounting, business law); office systems and administration (office technology, office administration, business communications); and management (behavioral science in business, human-resources management, organization and management). For more information and an application for the examination, request a free copy of the Capstone from the Institute for Certification, Professional Secretaries International, 10502 NW Ambassador Drive, Box 20404, Kansas City, MO 64195-0404 or contact Brenda Husser, at bhusser@vt.edu.
There are 13 individuals employed at Virginia Tech who have earned the CPS rating. They are Arleta Boyd, (plant pathology, physiology and weed science); Patty Edwards, (Extension-Tazewell); Tish Glosh, (Real Estate Management); Cindy Harrison, (Risk Management); Kaye Hess, (Extension-Abingdon); Dianne Horton, (General Counsel); Glenda Hubbard, (Capital Design and Construction); Brenda Husser, (sociology); Denise Jones, (Journal of Financial Research); Adelene Kirby, (College of Arts and Sciences); Joyce Longrie, (Military Affairs); Ann Scanlon, (Residential Programs); Mary Whitlock, (College of Human Resources and Education); and Paula Wood, (College of Human Resources and Education).