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Holiday info made available

Spectrum Volume 20 Issue 12 - November 13, 1997

University officials have provided the following information regarding state holidays and unused leave:


Virginia Tech will officially be closed at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 26, and all day on Thursday, Nov. 27, and Friday, Nov. 28.

Virginia Tech will officially be closed at noon on Wednesday, Dec. 24, and all day on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, and on Friday, Dec. 26.

Virginia Tech will officially be closed on Thursday, Jan. 1, and Friday, Jan. 2. The university will be closed on those dates; however, some employees may be required to carry on necessary university services.
Personnel eligible to earn compensatory leave will be granted leave time at the earliest possible date. Part-time classified employees will be granted holiday leave in proportion to their regularly scheduled work hours. Departments have the option to close on the days between the Christmas and New Year's holidays that have not been included as official holidays. All employees in departments that elect to close must take annual or compensatory leave for days off other than the official state holidays.

In the past, unused leave exceeding the maximum would be lost after December 31. Because of the changes in payroll and leave-accrual periods resulting from lag pay, employees now have until January 9 of the new year to use any excess annual leave which would otherwise be lost. The leave employees earn December 25 through January 9 will count toward the maximum carryover balance. Example: An employee who is eligible to carry over 192 hours of annual leave, has a balance of 198 hours, effective December 24. The employee earns four hours between December 25 and January 9, resulting in a total of 202 hours. The 10 hours (exceeding the maximum allowable carryover of 192 hours) must be used before the close of business on January 9, or the 10 hours will be lost.
Please note that employees who will not be reaching their maximum carryover balances in December/January will not be affected by this. The current year for family sick leave use (48 hours maximum annually) and leave to assist schools (eight hours maximum annually) will end January 9. From this year forward, the calendar year for purposes of leave use will be January 10 through January 9. If you have questions, please contact Linda Quesenberry at 1-7180.