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The third number of The New River journal of hypertext literature and art is now on-line.

The issue includes Stuart Moulthrop's revised and expanded "Hegirascope 2," a new hypertext poem by David Sten Herrstrom, and Jeanne Larsen's response to Shelly Jackson's Patchwork Girl

The journal can be found at http://ebbs.english.vt.edu/olp/newriver/on the World Wide Web

Ed Falco established the on-line journal. He is a professor of English and author of a book of hypertext poems published by Eastgate Systems as well as books of short stories and a novel

In The New River, Falco said, new writers and artists "will make culture-changing art on the computer."

"In the hypertext work," Falco said, "the reader controls or significantly influences the order of presentation. The authorial control of timing is eliminated, calling into question everything about traditional art, including the role and position of the author."

Terry Cobb, associate professor of management, gave the keynote address at the annual International Conference of Human Resource Management in the Asia-Pacific Region. The conference was held last December at Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Cobb spoke on "Organizational Justice in Times of Organizational Change."

Doris Kincade, associate professor of apparel merchandising management in the Department of Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management/Clothing and Textiles in the College of Human Resources and Education, and Cynthia Regan, a doctoral advisee of Kincade's and now faculty member at California Polytechnic State University at Pomona, attended the Second Annual US Department of Energy Fellows Symposium in Washington, DC. Regan presented her dissertation research "A Concurrent Engineering Framework for Apparel Manufacture." The symposium is sponsored by the National Academy of Science. Regan is the second female and the only clothing and textiles Ph.D. student to receive an US Department of Energy Fellowship in Integrated Manufacturing. Kincade is the only female advisor and the first non-engineering advisor to have a student to receive the Fellowship. Kincade and Regan are the first team to receive this fellowship at Virginia Tech

Billie Lepczyk, associate professor in the health and physical education program in the College of Human Resources and Education, has been named the 1998 National Dance Association Scholar/Artist and will present a scholar lecture in Reno, Nevada, at the 1998 NDA national convention. Lepczyk was chosen as the 21st recipient of the scholar status on the basis of her groundbreaking scholarly research in movement analysis and dance style, her creative works including the founding of two performing groups at Virginia Tech, and her ability to effectively communicate ideas and knowledge to diverse groups. She is active in the NDA as well as the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. Before joining academia Lepczyk had an extensive dance career in Europe

Don Creamer, professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in the College of Human Resources and Education, has been selected recipient of this year's Shaffer Award from the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA). The highly prestigious award is conferred to a faculty member who has served as a mentor to graduate students and whose work has made a significant contribution to the profession of administrative and educational services. Creamer is a 20 year member of the Virginia Tech faculty and served on the NASPA task force for graduate preparation and practice.

Patsy Pelland, a nutrition and wellness family and consumer sciences Extension agent in Prince Edward County, has been appointed to the Prince Edward County school board for a three-year term. Pelland is a member of the Family and Consumer Sciences State Leadership Council, a network of Extension agents, advocates, and academics concerned with nutrition, wellness, finance, parenting, education, and consumer issues affecting Virginia's families

Muzzo Uysal, faculty member in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management has been cited with the Highest Quality Rating by ANBAR Electronic Intelligence for his work on segmentation with overlaps, co-authored by S. Baloglu, an HTM doctoral graduate. Uysal was awarded with a "citation of excellence for this outstanding contribution to the literature and body of knowledge," published in the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, vol. 8 no. 3, 1996. The ANBAR Citation of Excellence and Highest Quality Rating will be carried for five years at the ANBAR Hall of Excellence (1997-2001). Uysal has co-authored three articles on the topic

The Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, chaired by Mahmood Khan in the College of Human Resources and Education, was ranked number one among Ph.D. programs again for the sixth consecutive year, according to a survey of directors of hospitality programs and executives from the hospitality industry. According to the same survey, the M.S. program moved from fourth rank to second nationally. Also for the first time the B.S. program was ranked as number eight among over 150 institutions offering four year degree programs. Tech's Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management is the only program nationally and internationally that offers franchising as an area of specialization in graduate studies

PE Central and Coaching Youth Sports are featured Web sites for January on Microsoft Works Education homepage. Both sites are administered from the health and physical education program in the College of Human Resources and Education at Virginia Tech. Billed as the ultimate Web site for physical education teachers, students, interested parents and adults, PE Central provides the latest information about developmentally appropriate physical-education programs for children and youth. Physical-education doctoral students Mark Manross and Todd Pennington are the creators and senior editors of PE Central, and professor George Graham is senior advisor. Coaching Youth Sports contains information about coaching, teaching, and performing sports skills for athletes ranging in age from six-16. It was created and is edited by HPE faculty member Richard Stratton. Microsoft Works Education is located at http://www.microsoft.com/works/teachers/teach.asp on the Web

M. David Alexander, chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in the College of Human Resources and Education, and Kern Alexander, former Tech university distinguished professor in education and now president of Murray State University, are co-authors of American Public School Law, recently released in its fourth edition by West/Wadsworth. The book, originally published in 1969, is the definitive work on the history, precedents, and issues pertaining to education law and arbitration, and is used widely in education and law programs. The book is available in the University Bookstore or via the World Wide Web at http://www.thomson.com/wadsworth.html

Michael Olsen, professor of strategic management in the hospitality industry in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, was a featured speaker at the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP) in Manila. Olsen spoke on "Key Forces Driving Change in the Hospitality Industry." This year's HRAP theme was "New Millennium Strategies: Human Resource, Environment, and Technology."

A study in the Journal of Vocational Education Research (volume 22, number 3, 1997, pages 145 and 146) notes that College of Human Resources and Education at Virginia Tech authors were the second most frequent article contributors to the journal during the 10-year period ending 1996. University of Minnesota ranked first, and University of Georgia was third. Eighty-six institutions were identified, and 27 of those were listed

The December 1997 issue of the Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal featuring the annual listing of theses and dissertations noted that the College of Human Resources and Education at Virginia Tech was first in number of dissertations and third in number of theses (Iowa State was first and University of Nebraska-Lincoln was second). Virginia Tech reported the highest number of titles in art and design (four theses, one dissertation) and second highest in clothing/apparel (three theses, one dissertation). Forty-three colleges or universities representing 32 states reported theses and dissertations completed in Family and Consumer Sciences in 1996

Susan Magliaro, a faculty member in the Department of Teaching and Learning in the College of Human Resources and Education, and R. Neal Shambaugh, a doctoral student in teaching and learning, are authors of Mastering the Possibilities: A Process Approach to Instructional Design, recently published by Allyn and Bacon. Through a learner-centered approach, the book shows educators how to directly involved students in the process of designing instructional events. The ideas and pedagogical model used in the book are research based, using data from more than nine years of study and teaching instructional design.

E. Thomas Garman, professor of consumer affairs and family financial management in the College of Human Resources and Education, has been honored with the Louis M. Linxwiler Award forhis outstanding support of consumer credit education. The award was made at the National Foundation for Consumer Credit (NFCC) annual conference held in Atlanta. In addition to his teaching and research, Garman is also a prolific author and speaker on consumer and financial affairs. "Tom Garman has given a lifetime of service to advocate consumer and personal finance education," said Durant Abernethy, president of NFCC. "His research on worker productivity and credit problems is especially noteworthy, and his dedication and support of money-management concepts have helped make great headway in educating and aiding consumers." Garman is a distinguished fellow with Tech's Center for Organizational and Technological Advancement where he focuses on personal finance employee education

Virginia Tech Magazine was selected to receive an Award of Excellence in the CASE District III awards competition for magazine-publishing improvement, category 24. The magazine will be on display in the winners' circle area at the CASE District III Conference in Orlando in February. Su Clauson-Wicker is the editor of the magazine. Glen Duncan is the art director. Netta Smith is the former assistant editor and Jill Elswick is the current assistant editor. The magazine also received an honorable mention from the Best in Virginia awards in the category of four-color magazine

Dongye Zhao, a postdoctoral research associate in civil engineering (CE), has received a Center for Indoor Air Research Postdoctoral Fellowship. Zhao is working with John C. Little, assistant professor of CE, on a project funded by the National Science Foundation to develop mathematical models that can predict the rate of release of volatile organic compounds emitted by building materials

Fred Barlow, a research associate in electrical engineering, received the Technical Achievement Award from the International Microelectronics & Packaging Society (IMAPS) for his publications as well as his work on the society's World Wide Web site. IMAPS also appointed Barlow chair of the Home Web Page Committee and as a member of the National Technical Committee

Richard Rich of Virginia Tech's Department of Political Science was voted chair-elect of the Risk Communication Section of the Society for Risk Analysis at its annual meeting in December. He will become chair of the section in December, 1998. He was also selected to serve on the Program Committee for the Society's 1998 annual meeting and on the planning group for the International Congress on Risk Analysis to be held in London in 2000

Richard Nance of the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech received a Military Operations Research Society Excellence Medal at SimTech 2007 in Washington, D.C. The workshop, sponsored by the Military Operations Research Society, reviewed the SimTech 1997 report the group developed in 1988 and prepared the SimTech 2007 report for the upcoming decade. Nance served on two panels during the workshop, the one for review of the Modeling Environments section of the 1997 report, and one for the preparation of the Technology Assessment section for 2007. Nance was one of only two recipients of the medal awarded for their contributions to the society's work
Nance also attended the 1998 International Conference on Web-based Modeling and Simulation in San Diego, California. He participated in a panel session titled "The Modeling Methodological Impacts of Web-Based Simulation." A written version of the comments of the panel session will be published in the conference proceedings.