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January Leave Reports:

Spectrum Volume 20 Issue 20 - February 12, 1998

Questions and Answers

Following are frequently asked questions on how to complete January leave reports. Please submit the January leave reports as quickly as possible. For more information, call Linda Quesenberry at 1-7180 or e-mail karrie@vt.edu
With the changes in leave accrual periods from "lag pay," how do I complete my January leave report to show my maximum annual leave carryover? You should report your actual balances; Personnel Services will review each leave report to determine the amount that can be carried over. You will receive a copy of the adjusted leave report to confirm your leave balances.
The following chart will assist employees in determining their maximum carryover balances.
Classified Employees

less than 5 192 hours 200 hours
5 - 9 240 hours 250 hours
10 - 19 288 hours 300 hours
20 or more 336 hours 350 hours
Faculty Members Who Earn Annual Leave

less than 20 288 hours 304 hours
20 or more 336 hours 354 hours
If I did not use any accrued leave (annual or sick) in January, do I still need to submit a Monthly Leave and Work Report? Yes, if you use the "opscan" form to report leave. This will be used to determine your maximum leave balances that can be carried over. If you use the VM system, it will be automatically adjusted.
I did not know the university closed an hour early--my department was not notified. Do I get credit for working? Normally a non-emergency employee would not receive inclement-weather-worked (IWW) credit. If you are an emergency employee, you would receive IWW leave whether exempt or non-exempt. However, if the department was not notified, the department head or appropriate supervisor should contact Personnel Services to discuss how to address this problem.

How are authorized closings communicated? All deans and vice presidents' offices are called as soon as a decision to close the university early is made. Those offices contact the departments reporting to them. Early closings are also communicated by e-mail to all deans, directors, and department heads. All-day closings are normally announced by 6 a.m. on the Inclement Weather Hot Line (1-6668), the university operator (1-6000), and WVTF-FM radio station 89.1 or 91.9. All-day closings include all shifts or partial shifts that fall within that announced day unless otherwise communicated specific to the department (see Authorized Closing Policy 4305 3.1.1).
My normal work schedule is 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday, but I worked 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. with one hour for lunch on December 27, when the university closed at 4 p.m. Can I count nine hours inclement weather worked? You may count only the hours of your regular work schedule for inclement weather. As an emergency employee, you earn eight hours IWW (inclement weather worked) and one hour as overtime. For the overtime hour, you would earn this at a straight time rate if hours worked for the week do not exceed 40, or time and a half if total hours for the week do exceed 40 if you are non-exempt. Questions about whether you are a non-exempt employee, eligible for time and a half rate can be answered by your supervisor.
I work 3 p.m. until midnight. How much inclement-weather leave do I get if the university closes at 4 p.m.? You would earn seven hours IW leave, from 4 p.m. until midnight, less the one-hour meal break. Whatever part of your normal shift falls within the closing is considered inclement weather.
How late can I arrive at work and not charge leave? The first hour is not charged to leave balances, if in the judgment of the department head such lost time was justifiable in view of weather conditions.
I was already on sick leave (or annual leave) prior to the inclement-weather day. Is this considered pre-approved leave? Yes, because you were already using accrued leave before the closing.
I am a half-time salaried employee, working from 8 a.m. to noon. How does inclement-weather leave apply to me when the university closes early? If the university closed at 4 p.m. and your normal schedule is 8 a.m. until noon, you would receive no inclement-weather leave; however, if the university closes at 10 a.m., you would receive two hours inclement-weather leave. Whatever part of your normal shift falls within the closing, is considered inclement weather.