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Falco puts journal on line

By Sally Harris

Spectrum Volume 20 Issue 22 - February 26, 1998

The third number of The New River journal of hypertext literature and art is now on line.
The issue includes Stuart Moulthrop's revised and expanded "Hegirascope 2," a new hypertext poem by David Sten Herrstrom, and Jeanne Larsen's response to Shelly Jackson's Patchwork Girl.
The journal can be found at http://ebbs.english.vt.edu/olp/newriver/.
Ed Falco established the on-line journal. He is a Virginia Tech professor of English and author of a book of hypertext poems published by Eastgate Systems as well as books of short stories and a novel.
In The New River, Falco said, new writers and artists "will make culture-changing art on the computer."
"In the hypertext work," Falco said, "the reader controls or significantly influences the order of presentation. The authorial control of timing is eliminated, calling into question everything about traditional art, including the role and position of the author."