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Spectrum Volume 20 Issue 23 - March 5, 1998

Virginia Tech faculty and staff members and students are often the subject of significant national and state-wide news coverage. To better inform the university community about these accomplishments, the Office of University Relations has compiled this monthly report. This report excludes coverage in the Roanoke news-media market. For more information about the articles mentioned, call Julie Kane, university public-relations coordinator, at 1-9934, or contact your college public relations office.
WCVE-TV Richmond-Central Virginia Public Television (November 1): Robert Denton, professor of communication studies and director of Virginia Tech's Center for Leader Development, was guest analyst on "Virginia Currents" providing commentary on pending elections.
Richmond Times-Dispatch (November 3): Denton was included in a story on alcohol-related deaths on campus.
WCVE-TV Richmond-Central Virginia Public Television (November 8): Denton was a guest analyst on "Virginia Currents" concerning election results.
The Virginian Pilot (December 8): A story about "ergonomically correct" use of computers featured Karl Kroemer, professor of industrial and systems engineering and director of the Industrial Ergonomics Laboratory. Kroemer, the author of numerous books on ergonomics, explained how to avoid repetitive-use injuries at computer terminals.

USA Today (December 9): Ted Rappaport and Jeff Reed of electrical engineering were featured in an article focused on the prominent role Virginia Tech's Mobile and Portable Radio Group is playing in the development of the wireless world.
The Washington Post (December 18): An article noted that the College of Engineering has received a $200,000 gift from Lockheed Martin Federal Systems to help fund undergraduate student projects, such as the college's Virtual Corporations Program.
Los Angeles Times (January 16): Robert Denton was quoted on Clinton's forthcoming State of the Union Address.
Cox News Service (January 19): Denton discussed Clinton's foreign-policy opportunities.
Business Week (January 19): Kent Murphy of electrical engineering was featured in a column called "Developments to Watch." The article pertained to the development of a new sensor that he and chemical-engineering faculty member William Velander are marketing.
Seattle Times (January 21), Charlotte Observer (January 24): Joseph Scarpaci, professor in urban affairs and planning, had an essay published titled "Suddenly, It is Havana, Inc." The essay examined the importance of Havana's architecture in light of Pope John Paul II's visit to Cuba in January.
WCVE-TV Richmond-Central Virginia Public Television (January 23): Robert Denton was a guest analyst on "Virginia Currents" concerning the current legislative session.
Richmond Times Dispatch (January 25): William Velander's research on transgenics (in collaboration with the American Red Cross) was the focus of an article printed in the Sunday issue of the Richmond Times Dispatch.
Philadelphia Daily News (January 26): Robert Denton was interviewed on the Clinton controversy.
BBC Radio 4 (January 28): Psychology Professor Helen Crawford discussed her research into the relationship between hypnosis and pain in the network's science and technology segment.
A&E Network (January 28, repeated January 31): Associate History Professor Glenn Bugh discussed the common soldiers of the barbarians on the series "Foot Soldier."
(Los Angeles) KPCC Radio (February 3): History Professor William Ochsenwald was the featured guest during a half-hour discussion of Iraq.
Wisconsin Public Radio (February 4): Robert Denton was guest on an hour-long listener call-in show, "Idea Net with Tom Clark," concerning the Clinton controversy.
The Virginia Engineer (February 1998): Articles about the Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering receiving a University Exemplary Department Award and about the College of Engineering receiving an educational grant of $200,000 from Lockheed Martin Corp.
Discovery Channel (February 15): Associate Psychology Professor Sigrid Gustafson shed light on why people like extreme amusement-park rides, and how they can enjoy themselves during the experience. Gustafson was featured on the Discovery Channel special "Extreme Rides."
A&E Network (March 2): Associate History Professor Glenn Bugh discussed the Roman Emperor Caligula on the network's "Biography" series.