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Spectrum Volume 20 Issue 32 - June 4, 1998

Virginia Tech faculty and staff members and students are often the subject of significant national and state-wide news coverage. To better inform the university community about these accomplishments, the Office of University Relations has compiled this monthly report. This report excludes coverage in the Roanoke news-media market. For more information about the articles mentioned, call Julie Kane, university public relations coordinator, at 1-9934, or contact your college public-relations office.
The Richmond Times-Dispatch (September 1): Kent Murmann, associate professor of management, was quoted in a Labor Day story, "The New Norma Raes," about the effort of the state's central labor councils to recruit and train volunteer organizers from within the ranks of local workers.
(N.J.) Hackensack Record (September 1): Chris Neck, assistant professor of management, was quoted in a story about the use of teams in the workplace.
The Arizona Republic (October 2): George Morgan, the Crestar professor of finance, was quoted in a story on satellite systems and the telecommunications industry in Arizona.
Newark Star Ledger (October 29): Vijay Singal, associate professor of finance, was quoted in a story about the rebounding of the Dow Jones to a record trading volume, which resulted in the industrial average's recovery of more than half its loss from the previous day.
The Washington Post (November 23): Ruth Smith, associate professor of marketing, was quoted in a story on the use of the Internet by Beanie Babies collectors and traders.
The Washington Post (December 15): Barry O'Donnell, associate director of the MBA Program, Pamplin College of Business, was quoted extensively in a story on the great job offers employers are making to soon-to-be college graduates.
The Richmond Times-Dispatch (January 5): Steve Markham, professor of management, was cited in a feature story, "Staying on Track," about career strategies to prepare for the workplace of the 21st century.
The Washington Post (January 10): Vijay Singal, associate professor of finance was quoted in a front-page story, "Markets Tumble Worldwide," about the impact of the Asian financial crisis on global markets. The story also appeared in the New Orleans Times-Picayune on the same day.
The Richmond Times-Dispatch (February 16): George Morgan, the Crestar professor of finance, was cited in a story on Virginia Tech's bid for wireless-spectrum space in an auction by the Federal Communications Commission.
Investor's Business Daily (March 9): Vijay Singal, associate professor of finance, was quoted in a story on the airline industry mixed safety record last year.
Bloomberg Business News (March 11): Don Chance, the First Union professor of financial risk management, was quoted in a story about the possible establishment of an all-electronic market in bond futures.
The Chronicle of Higher Education (March 13): Vijay Singal, associate professor of finance, was quoted extensively in a feature story on the costs and benefits of university investment in emerging markets.
Washington Post (Mar. 16): In a front page article of the Metro Section, "Close Encounters of the Bear Kind," quoted wildlife professor Mike Vaughan, College of Forestry and Wildlife Resources. He is conducting a study to determine if the number of bears is growing in Virginia.
The State Journal (Mar. 16): West Virginia's business newspaper ran a feature, "Reforestation, a Growing Trend for Reclaiming Surface Mine Sites," on Jim Burger's successful reforestation and research with the Powell River Project. Burger is forestry professor in the College of Forestry and Wildlife Resources.
The Washington Post Magazine (March 22): The Pamplin College's MBA Program in the Northern Virginia Center was featured prominently in a story about the changes in MBA curriculum, student demographics, and teaching styles.
Virginia Public Radio (week of March 27): Political Sciences Professor Richard Rich and Urban Affairs and Planning Professor David Conn discussed the danger of above-ground storage of hazardous material in Virginia on "With Good Reason," a half-hour interview program airing on 10 public radio stations in and around Virginia.
The Virginia Engineer (April 1998): Articles ran about the Virginia Tech Student Engineers' Council donating $40,000 to undergraduate programs in the College of Engineering; the selection of Michael Karmis, head of the Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering, as 1997 Professor of the Year by the National Stone Association; and the selection of the Burkhart Mining Society at Virginia Tech as the Outstanding Student Chapter of 1997 by the International Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration.
Wall Street Journal (April 1): April Fool's Day was used as an opportunity to trial-test front-page articles with no jumps, a radical departure from its traditional policy. Bob Bush, associate professor of wood science and forest products, provided information for the article, "Hitting the Skids/As Old Pallets Pile Up, Critics Hammer Them As a New Eco-Menace."
(Bristol) WCYB-TV (April 1): Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology Professor Stephen Boyle discussed the development of a genetically engineered bacterium that could be used as an oral contraceptive for feral cats.
WCYB-TV (April 6): Engineering Science and Mechanics and Materials Science and Engineering Professor Ronald Kriz demonstrated the "CAVE" virtual-reality chamber at Tech.
WCYB-TV (April 15): University Transportation Fellow Ray Pethtel discussed the "smart road" and research to develop ultra-violet headlights to enable drivers to see better in bad driving conditions.
Virginia Public Radio (week of April 17): English Professor Lucinda Roy talked about her new book, Lady Moses, on "With Good Reason."
ABC Discovery News (April 24): A news report aired on the Discovery Channel about biodiversity loss featuring Chemistry Professor David Kingston.
U.S. News and World Report (April 20): E. Thomas Garman, professor of personal financial management in the College of Human Resources and Education, was featured in the April 20 issue in an article called "Goodbye to Department."
(Public Radio) The Environment Show (April 25): Fisheries and Wildlife Professor Richard Neves discussed the future of endangered mussel populations.
NBC Nightly News (April 27, 28): E. Thomas Garman was featured on two segments entitled "Fleecing of America." The interview was about his study with the Department of Defense on the cost of poor financial management of service personnel.
Virginia News Network (April 30): Professor of Psychology E. Scott Geller described an effort to develop a scale to measure a person's propensity for committing "road rage."
Virginia Public Radio (week of May 1): Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology Professor Stephen Boyle discussed research to develop oral contraceptives for feral cats on "With Good Reason."
Discovery Channel (May 1): A special report on endangered species on "ABC/Discovery News" included a description of David Kingston's work to extract new medicines from plants of the tropical rainforest of Suriname.