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Student Affairs honors distinguished service

Spectrum Volume 20 Issue 32 - June 4, 1998

The Division of Student Affairs held its spring meeting in April to recognize individuals in the division for their outstanding and extraordinary contributions the division and/or distinguished service to students. The Vice Presidential Distinguished Service Awards were created by Vice President for Student Affairs Landrum L. Cross in 1996.
The selection committee, chaired by Holli Drewry of Residential and Dining Programs, consisted of faculty and staff members and students both internal and external to the division. The nomination process was open to all faculty and staff members and graduate students within the Division of Student Affairs.
This year four members of the division who exhibited outstanding creativity and innovation in their work, exceptional career expertise, excellent communication skills, dedication to the university community, and an abundance of professional activity involvement were recipients of the Vice Presidential Distinguished Service Awards. The four recipients were Tom Brown, Joyce Rolen, Lisa Boothe, and Darlene Grega.
Brown, assistant dean of students, has been instrumental in the success of the summer-orientation process. Several national awards have been bestowed upon the university due to his leadership. Both the Hokie Handbook, the first such handbook created in several years, and the Family News (a parent's newsletter) are two of his creations which have been nationally recognized.
Brown also serves on the division's Professional Staff Development Committee and as the liaison to the campus ministers.
Rolen, fiscal technician senior of the Student Organization Accounting Office in University Unions and Student Activities, was a 1997-98 Vice Presidential Distinguished Services Award recipient. Student leaders count on Rolen for advice about the budgeting process, and how to get bills paid Rolen holds numerous workshops each year to train new student-organization treasurers. Rolen is student-oriented and meets students at all hours to help them prepare for their Student Budget Board hearings. Former student leaders comment on Rolen's "tough love" when making them follow the Budget Board rules and on her positive attitude while guiding them through the budgeting process.
Boothe, recruiting assistant in Career Services, was a recipient of a Vice Presidential Distinguished Services Award. Students and employers rely on Boothe's dedication for the placement of Virginia Tech graduates in jobs that are a match for Virginia Tech graduates and for the employers. Employers and students said of Boothe, "Her dedication to customer service and satisfaction is something I will never forget. The students and alumni of Virginia Tech are lucky to have such a knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful resource."
Boothe is the Recruiting Assistant responsible for making arrangements for over 600 employing organizations that visit campus for on-campus interviews. This requires continuous correspondence with recruiters by fax, telephone, e-mail, and letters, in addition to scheduling thousands of college students' interviews.
One of the Vice Presidential Distinguished Service Awards was presented to Grega, director of the Cranwell International Center. Grega provided essential services and support through international student orientation, counseling, referral, and advising from her knowledge of the immigration laws and cross-cultural communication skills.
Each year, Grega spends hours of her personal time attending international functions and encouraging a positive interaction between international and domestic students.
She serves as an advisor on the Council of International Student Organizations (CISO), and the International Undergraduate Association (IUA). She created CISO more than 10 years ago as well as other international programs. Grega was also recognized this spring as the Outstanding Student Organization Advisor of the Year.