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Spectrum Volume 20 Issue 35 - July 16, 1998

Virginia Tech faculty and staff members and students are often the subject of significant national and state-wide news coverage. To better inform the university community about these accomplishments, the Office of University Relations has compiled this monthly report. This report excludes coverage in the Roanoke news-media market. For more information about the articles mentioned, call Julie Kane, university public-relations coordinator, at 1-9934, or contact your college public-relations office.
Theology Today (Fall 1997): This issue carried a favorable review of the book Walter Benjamin and the Bible by Brian Britt, assistant professor of interdisciplinary studies. The book also was highly recommended in a review by Choice (May 1997) and praised by Booklist in a review (October 1996).
Transportation Science (Jan./Feb. 1998): Richard Cassady and John E. Kobza authored "A Probabilistic Approach to Evaluate Strategies for Selecting a Parking Space."
Christian Science Monitor (February 11): Bob Denton, director of the Center for Leader Development in communication studies, was quoted in "A Duel to Win Public's Affection," commenting on White House strategy during the sex-scandal crisis.
The Washington Post (February 14): Denton's comments on the tax cut debate were included in an article "In Va., Increased Sniping Over Car-Tax Cut."
(Brazil) Idea Television (March): The hour-long Brazilian science program featured Plant Pathology Professor Carole Cramer's work with transgenic tobacco and tomatoes.
(Brazil) Idea Television (March): The Mobil and Portable Radio Group with Electrical Engineering Professor Ted Rappaport was profiled.
Richmond-Times-Dispatch (March 18): Bob Denton was quoted regarding a Virginia legislative session in the article "Lawmakers take issues back home."
(London, England) The Times (March 24): Richard Cassady and John Kobza's article on how to find a parking space was the subject of "So near, yet so far away from the ideal parking slot." The professors' article in Transportation Science (see above) resulted in many interviews and articles in publications including the Richmond-Times Dispatch, the Ottawa Citizen, and the Washington Post.
Richmond Times-Dispatch (April 2): An article ran about a team of electrical and computer engineering graduate students in the Mobile & Portable Radio Group (MPRG) who were selected as semifinalists in Texas Instrument's worldwide Digital Signal Processing Solutions Challenge. The story was also covered in the April 4 issue of Electronic Engineering Times. The MPRG students are Keith Blankenship, Neiyer Correal, Zhong Hu, Kimberly Phillips, and Zeeshan Siddiqi. MPRG associate director Jeffrey Reed is the team's advisor.
Richmond Times-Dispatch (April 25): Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Associate (AOE) Professor Wayne Durham and AOE graduate student Michelle Glaze were quoted regarding the opening of the Flight Simulation Laboratory in AOE.
NBC Nightly News (April 28): Department of Near Environments Professor E. Thomas Garman discussed the taxpayer cost of the military's program designed to get its members out of huge consumer debts.
Blue Ridge Business Journal (May): Jon Shepard, head of the Department of Management, was quoted in a cover story, "New Emphasis on Ethics," that discussed the new attention businesses were giving to ethical behavior in the workplace. The story reported briefly on the talk Ralph Nader gave as the featured speaker this year in the department's annual Symposium on Business Ethics.
Blue Ridge Business Journal (May): Jerry Robinson, management professor, was mentioned in a photo caption describing the visit to R.R. Donnelley's plant by a group of Slovenian business visitors, whose visit he organized.
The Orange County Register (May 1): Ruth Smith, associate professor of marketing, was quoted in a story, "Beanie Mania," about the collecting frenzy for the soft toys.
(Minneapolis) The Star Tribune (May 13): SEED, Virginia Tech's student-investor group, and its 1997-98 chair, MBA student Charles Coletta, were included in a story largely about the University of Minnesota's new student-investor group. The story quoted Coletta and mentioned the first national conference on student-run portfolios that SEED organized on campus this past spring.
Virginia Public Radio (week of May 15): Civil Engineering Professor Richard Weyers outlined the scope of infrastructure repair needed in Virginia on "With Good Reason."
Richmond Times-Dispatch (May 18): Christopher Neck, assistant professor of management, and Barry O'Donnell, associate director, MBA Program, were quoted in a story, "Really Bad Bosses." The story looked at the shortcomings of several fictional bosses from novels and movies and included suggestions on how they could improve.
Boulder Colorado Daily Camera (May 18): N. Dwight Barnette,
instructor of computer science, was quoted on how students perceive and behave in on-line web-based courses in an article "On-Line Courses Setting a Trend."
AAAS "Why is It?"(May 26): Physics Professor Dale Long described the physics of roller coasters. "Why is It?" airs on the Mutual Radio Network and on independent radio stations around the country.
(Richmond) Metro Business Monthly (June): Jim Littlefield, professor of marketing, was quoted in a story, "Try These Cheap Promotion Techniques," that offered various marketing tips for small businesses.
WRVA Radio (June 4): Biological Systems Engineering Professor and Extension Safety Specialist Glen Hetzel offered tips on staying safe during a thunderstorm and keeping property safe from lightning strikes.
Virginia News Network (June 9): E. Thomas Garman discussed a national conference sponsored by Virginia Tech to increase personal-finance education for employees.
The Coalfield Progress (June 11): An article was included about Malcolm McPherson, associate dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Engineering and professor and eminent scholar of mining and minerals engineering. He was elected a foreign member of the Polish Academy of Sciences in recognition of his more than 30 years of international work to improve mining safety.
The New York Times (June 11): Robert Beaton, professor of industrial and systems engineering, was quoted in an article in the technology section about ways computer users can reduce eyestrain.
Chronicle of Higher Education (June 12): Associate Dean Lucinda Roy is featured with her picture on the cover and an article where she discusses teaching with technology.
Virginia News Network (June 18): Geography Professor Robert Morrill described the department's new "Amtrak Across America" course, a three-week journey across the country by train for geography teachers and students.
New York Times (June 21): Research Associate Lawrence Houghton's research on piping plover populations on Long Island was described in an article on beach development.
The Scientist (June 22): Professors Joseph Falkinham and F.M. Anne McNabb of Virginia Tech's biology department were featured prominently in story about "Writing Book Chapters Broadens the Scientific Experience."
Black Entertainment Television (June 22): English Professor Nikki Giovanni discussed minorities in higher education and Virginia Tech's efforts to recruit minorities.
Virginia News Network (June 23): Dean of Agriculture and Life Sciences L.A. Swiger discussed the impact of the Agriculture Authorization Act signed by President Bill Clinton.
(Richmond) WRVA-AM (June 24, 1998): Matthew McAllister, professor of communication studies, did a five-minute live interview on the merger of AT&T and TCI.
Richmond Times-Dispatch (June 29): Don Chance, professor of finance, and Christopher Neck, assistant professor of management, were quoted in a story, "The Classics," in which they and other Virginia business professors selected the 10 best business books.
Keeping Well (1998, Number 2): A health magazine published by Coffey Communications, Inc., with a distribution of 800,000 to consumers in the health industry, has a two-page spread of advice from Professor Ann Hertzler, HNFE, on how parents can teach their children to eat nutritious meals.
Smithsonian (July issue): Professor William Velander in chemical engineering was quoted in an article about transgenics.
Discover (July 1998): A story about the "cockroach car" was included in this issue. The car was invented in 1997 by electrical engineering student Steven Bathiche (now at the University of Washington) and Entomology Professor Jeff Bloomquist. This experiment is the first step toward their goal of developing a wheelchair that can be controlled by neuro-muscular impulses.