Spectrum - Volume 21 Issue 04 September 17, 1998 - State Salary Structure Adjustment Information

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State Salary Structure Adjustment Information

Spectrum Volume 21 Issue 04 - September 17, 1998

Virginia Governor James Gilmore and the 1998 General Assembly have approved a 2.25-percent adjustment of the state salary structure effective Nov. 25, 1998. This will not change the salaries of employees, but will move them to a lower step on the new range. For example, if an employee's salary is now at step 10 of the salary range, it will move to step 9 after the ranges are adjusted. A table reflecting the revised salary ranges and steps are shown below.

Increases for Classified Staff Members Will Be Based on Performance Evaluation Ratings

An employee's salary will increase only if the employee receives one of the following performance-evaluation ratings:
Performance Fully Meets Expectations 2.25 percent increase (one step)
Performance Often Exceeds Expectations 4.55 percent increase (two steps)
Performance Consistently Exceeds Expectations 4.55 percent increase (two steps)
1998 Section Administrators

The vice presidents and deans have appointed section administrators who are responsible to coordinate and monitor the intake of the performance evaluations for their areas of responsibility during this cycle. Each section is grouped within academic and administrative units, as listed below.
Executive Vice President/Fiscal and Administrative Offices

The Fiscal and Administrative Services departments are divided into three sections by senior management level and defined as follows with the names of the section administrators:
1. Executive Vice President (includes the following units)--Lisa Wilkes: President's Office; Athletic Department; Associate Vice President for Personnel and Administrative Services; Vice President for Alumni Relations; Vice President for Multicultural Affairs.
2. Vice President for Finance and Treasurer--Jean Eversole.
3. Vice President for Development and University Relations--Kim O'Rourke.
Senior Vice President and Provost/Academic, Research and Extension Support

The academic, research and Extension support departments are divided into 13 sections by senior management level and defined as follows:
4. Senior Vice President and Provost--Pat Hyer.
5. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences--Betty Greene.
6. College of Architecture and Urban Studies--Max Stephenson.
7. College of Arts and Sciences--Donna Ferrandino.
8. College of Business--Hap Bonham.
9. College of Engineering--Rod Hall.
10. College of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences--Linda Capen.
11. College of Human Resources and Education--Dianne Yardley.
12. College of Veterinary Medicine--Donna Pitt.
13. Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies--Sandra Muse.
14. Vice President for Student Affairs--Kathy Haden.
15. Vice President for Information Systems--Brenda Neidigh.
16. Vice Provost for Outreach--Pat Hyer.