Spectrum - Volume 21 Issue 06 October 1, 1998 - Extended-campus reporting structure re-organized

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Extended-campus reporting structure re-organized

By Catherine Doss

Spectrum Volume 21 Issue 06 - October 1, 1998

Virginia Tech has re-organized the reporting structure of its extended-campus sites. The directors of the four sites in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, Roanoke, and Abingdon, now report to Senior Vice President and Provost Peggy S. Meszaros. Up until now, they reported to the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies.
"We made this change so that we could more fully recognize the programming potential at each of our extended campuses beyond graduate studies," Meszaros said. "Through this process, we hope to streamline the admissions-and-recruitment processes, expand our niche in other types of courses offered at each site such as corporate continuing-education programs, and generally be more responsive to businesses, industry, and education needs in the state."
Meszaros added that each of the directors would report to the university's three vice provosts on programmatic issues. The three are David Ford, vice provost for academic affairs; Dixon Hanna, interim vice provost for outreach; and Leonard Peters, vice provost for research and graduate studies.
"It's a team approach," Meszaros said, "and one that we think will make us more comprehensive in our delivery of courses and programs to all students."
The directors of the sites are Judy Pearson, Virginia Tech/University of Virginia Northern Virginia Center; Bob Richards, Virginia Tech/University of Virginia Hampton Roads Center; Patricia Foutz, Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center; and Doug Strickland, Roanoke Graduate Center.
Virginia Tech also has a presence in Richmond with MBA and engineering courses offered there as well as an administrative office; however, as yet, the university does not have an official extended-campus site in that region.
"We hope to expand in the Richmond market in the near future," Meszaros said.