Spectrum - Volume 21 Issue 06 October 1, 1998 - CVC giving confidential, voluntary

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CVC giving confidential, voluntary

Spectrum Volume 21 Issue 06 - October 1, 1998

All contributions made through the Combined Virginia Campaign (CVC) are confidential and voluntary.
Although confidentiality has never been a serious problem with the Virginia Tech CVC Campaign, it is enhanced this year by the inclusion of envelopes pre-addressed to Gloria Smith, CVC treasurer, to whom pledge cards are to be returned.
In years past, pledge cards were returned to the area canvasser who checked them for completeness before forwarding them to Smith. Canvassers will be told when donors send pledge cards to Smith so they won't be sent unnecessary reminders. Only donor names will be sent, along with the total amount of money raised in their department or unit.
Some records must be kept for accounting purposes, to ensure that designations to particular charities are honored and for payroll-deduction purposes. The CVC does not sell or give donor lists. Donors' names aren't given to the charities they designate unless they request a written confirmation of receipt of donors' contributions.
CVC giving is also voluntary. Any suggestion that employees are expected to give a particular amount of money or any money at all is inappropriate and in opposition to the philosophy of the campaign.
Virginia Tech's campaign goal this year is $195,000. The campaign runs until December.