The Alan Review
Wendy Glenn, Senior Editor
Ricki Ginsberg, Assistant Editor
Danielle King, Assistant Editor
Volume 35, Number 2
Winter 2008

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Complete IssuePDF [848 KB]

Table of ContentsPDF [72 KB]

Instructions for AuthorsPDF [64 KB]

Grants, Awards, Call for Proposals, Call for WebmasterPDF [132 KB]


From the Editors
Lori Atkins Goodson and James BlasingamePDF [88 KB]HTML [5 KB]

Call for Manuscripts PDF [44 KB]HTML [4 KB]

Finding a “Place” in the World of Books, Developing a Sense of “Self” as a Reader: A Case Study of a Ninth-Grade Student in an Upward Bound Summer Program
Honor MoormanPDF [120 KB]HTML [39 KB]

“Can you name one good thing that comes out of war?”: Adolescents’ Questions about War and Conflict Are Answered in Nonfiction Literature
Wayne BrindaPDF [132 KB]HTML [51 KB]

Yo, Hip-Hop’s Got Roots
Alan Lawrence SitomerPDF [136 KB]HTML [12 KB]

The Localization of Young Adult Fiction in Contemporary Hawai'i
Thomas W. BeanPDF [124 KB]HTML [44 KB]

The Dearth of Native Voices in YAL: A Call for More YAL by and for Indigenous Peoples
Kenan Metzger and Wendy KelleherPDF [116 KB]HTML [34 KB]

Gender Identities Explored: The Lord of the Rings as a Text of Alternative Ways of Being
Leanna MadillPDF [104 KB]HTML [33 KB]

Clip and File PDF [100 KB]HTML [49 KB]

How Todd Strasser Became Morton Rhue
Susan StanPDF [152 KB]HTML [20 KB]

Meant to be Huge”: Obesity and Body Image in Young Adult Novels
Catherine S. QuickPDF [116 KB]HTML [39 KB]

Lessons Learned from Hobbs, London, and the Yukon Gold Rush
Carolyn Lott and Stephanie WastaPDF [112 KB]HTML [32 KB]

From Wellpinit to Reardan: Sherman Alexie’s Journey to the National Book Award
Jim BlasingamePDF [88 KB]HTML [27 KB]

It is Inexcusable to Deny Inexcusable a Place in the Classroom
Steven T. BickmorePDF [124 KB]HTML [43 KB]

Literary Landscapes: Using Young Adult Literature to Foster a Sense of Place and Self
Gerrit W. Bleeker and Barbara S. BleekerPDF [104 KB]HTML [32 KB]

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